Kid’s Playset to Teen Hangout Makeover with the HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
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Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer
  • 2” paint brush
  • Tarps
  • Ladder
  • Pre-cut lumber
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Screw Driver
  • DecoArt Stencil
  • DecoArt Outdoor Living Paint and Curb Appeal
  • Sunbrella Fabric (for upper awning)

Project Steps


When my kids were toddlers, we invested in a very expensive playset. We wanted it to really last and it seemed like they would use it forever. It’s funny how fast 13 years goes by!  My kids are now full-blown sleep-in-until-11 am pre-teens and teenagers. Once in a while I will catch them swinging on the swings, or when their friends come over, they will go sit in the upper deck of the playset. For the most part, it’s not used like it was before.

It had gotten to the point where it either needed to be updated, or it needed to come down. My Middle teen had expressed interest in maybe doing a makeover on the playset. I thought it was the perfect time to doing a project together, and for her to learn to use basic tools. 

We knew we had a big task ahead of us. Many of the boards were rotten and soft and needed to be replaced. We’ve been fighting rain all month. There was also the challenge of how do we upgrade it so they actually do want to hang out in it, so it couldn’t be too kiddie looking so we could squeeze a few more years out of it.

Step 1

We started by talking about what she wanted to do, and what her ideas were. One thing was that the entire playset was really open, and she wanted it to feel more private. We decided to add boards to the side and make it almost like a little room.

And, she wanted to do something about underneath the set too. There used to be a tire swing there, but now it was just old pavers. We decided to measure and build a mini- deck they could hang out on, using the pavers as a foundation. It was a really big project, but we did take advantage of some time savers, such as having all of the lumber cut at the home improvement store, and using the HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer to paint the majority of the playset.

Step 2

We first removed any pieces of the playset we didn’t need anymore, such as the play steering wheel on the top, and the plastic wall climbers on the side.

We then replaced any rotten boards; the girls were able to really get hands on using the drill and screw driver while supervised.

Step 3

We then added the extra lumber to build up the outside of the structure.                                                                                        

Step 4

And then,built a small deck under the playset where they could hang out.                                                                                   

Step 5

Once all of the lumber was added, and the deck was completed, the entire playset needed to be cleaned. While a pressure washer would be one option, we decided to tackle it the old-fashioned way with detergent, scrubbies and scrapers. 

Step 6

We scraped and scrubbed any moss, dirt or lichen off to give a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. We found getting the moss wet, and then using a paint scraper was the easiest way to remove it.

Step 7

After the set dried completely, we used a leaf blower to remove any remaining loose debris or dirt in prep for painting.                

Step 8

We decided to use DecoArt brand of outdoor paints (Outdoor Living and Curb Appeal) for our playset, though any outdoor deck and wood paint could be used.

Step 9

Taping off any areas we didn’t want the paint to get on, like the top of the slide, made for an easy clean up later.                 

Step 10

We started at the top, and worked out way down with the Super Finish Max.  Love how easy it was to use. My teen really loved being able to help paint, and I have to admit, I loved just supervising.

Step 11

We painted the upper deck area first, and then worked our way to the base. We wanted to give it ample time to dry because we were going to be adding some stenciling to the deck.

Step 12

When doing the area underneath, it was nice to be able to spray it. One tip for using the Super Finish Max, make sure the tube for drawing up the paint is angled back while spraying at an upward angle.

Step 13

Once the underside was done, we moved onto the front and sides. We tarped behind the back to catch any over spray so it wouldn’t get on the already painted areas.

Step 14

There were some spots that needed to be touched up with a brush, and some areas of the playset that were a little too tight.

Step 15

Once the playset was painted, we stenciled the underside of the decking. It was so exciting because it looked so nice. We were tired, but we were ready to do the fun part! 

Step 16

We added the new fabric awing to the top, and then landscaped and added mulch around the upgraded teen hangout. We added some hammock swings, and then accessorized on the inside!

Step 17

I love that I already caught my youngest hanging out and reading on the hammock chairs. It made it all worth it!   

To see the full process from start to finish, and the fully rehabbed and decorated playset, stop over to my blog, and search for “playset project”. 

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