Large Spray Shelter and Repurposed Lamps
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Gail Wilson
Friday, February 8, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • Thrift Store Lamps
  • Random Lamp Parts
  • Spray Paint
  • Latex Paint
  • Super Finish Max
  • Large Spray Shelter

Project Steps


I love collecting junky lamps and lamp parts. It’s really fun to mix and match pieces to come up with new and useful projects. I’ve used lamps and other light fixtures to make all kinds of funky lawn projects. Today, I’m sharing some lamp candlesticks or plant stands I put together, as well as giving you easy, step by step directions on how to set up the Large Spray Shelter

Step 1

Start by laying out the spray shelter and poles. 

Find some old lamps at thrift stores or garage sales. Maybe you already have some old lamps you’re not using. I share tips over on My Repurposed Life  for dismantling and gutting old lamps.

When you’re ready to paint your projects, it’s time to set up the Large Spray Shelter. It comes in a small, compact carrier.  

Step 2

Insert the poles through the front sleeve as well as the back sleeve. 

Put together your Spray Shelter Poles. They are identical, so there is no right or wrong pole to use in the front or back of the shelter.

Notice that the poles naturally criss-cross each other after they are inserted. 

Step 3

Insert four pins.

Bring the back pole forward to insert the front pin. Do this on the right side and the left side.

REPEAT for the front pole—insert the back pin. Do this on the right side and the left side.                                                        

Step 4

Spray shelter should be laying flat with the poles spaced properly between the angled pieces.

The Spray shelter will be laying on the ground with both poles inserted in the sleeves. The back pole will be inserted on the front pins. The front pole will be inserted on the back pins.                                                   

Step 5

Lift off the ground.

While standing behind the Spray Shelter, lift up on the front sleeve (pole).                                                                                  

Step 6

The shelter is ready!

Continue to raise front sleeve/pole until the shelter POPS up into place!                                                                                                  

Step 7

Make small adjustments if needed.

NOTE: The poles were not inserted properly between the curve of the poles.                                                                                                    

Step 8

Attach clips.

Connect all clips and secure the ties.                                                                                                                                               

Step 9

If using on the lawn, use tent stakes.

Secure four ground stakes, one at each corner along with the fifth stake in the center back.                                                                       

Step 10

Paint in the shelter. 

The large spray shelter can be used for spray painting. I like to use mine when I'm using my Finish Max paint sprayers.                         

Step 11

You can use a spray can or a HomeRight paint sprayer. 

Pieces such as this are nearly impossible to paint with a brush. After the black spray paint dried, I did a white top coat. 

In this case, a chalky paint primer was mixed to use in the Super Finish Max . Elevating your items on sawhorses makes the task easier. 

Step 12

Enjoy your hard work. 

After several coats of the white chalky paint the lamps look so much better.  The odds and end pieces don't look so mis-matched now.

Setup of the spray shelter is easily done by one person in less than 10 minutes if these steps are followed. The more often you use your spray shelter, the faster you’ll be!

For more details on how to put the lamps together and add their finishing touches please visit My Repurposed Life. I’m sharing tips on combining the old lamp parts and thoughts on distressing. 

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up the Large Spray Shelter

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