Last-Minute Cleaning with the SteamMachine Elite
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Larissa Haynes
Thursday, November 15, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamMachine Elite

Project Steps


Guests will be coming soon and you need to clean!! No worries. With this last-minute cleaning guide, you'll have it done chemical-free in no time with the HomeRight Steam Machine Elite. {{happy dance}}

Step 1

There are those times when panic hits - we've all been there. You just found out you'll soon be hosting some guests and you have NO TIME to clean. Yikes! Well, this time instead of fretting, I'm here to give you some simple tips on how to relieve the stress and impress your guests. I'm talking about making it look like you've been cleaning for days though it only takes an hour or two of your time. Yay!

First, let's focus on the two most obviously dirty places: the bathroom and the kitchen.

Tip #1: Tuck away those daily-grind essentials. A clutter-free surface makes for a great impression and will give you peace of mind.

Step 2

Tip #2: Toss those linens in the washer. Nothing is worse than having dirty towels and rugs hanging about. Those things can be getting clean while you tackle the rest of the last-minute cleaning chores. 

Step 3

Tip #3: Break out the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite. No joke, the fastest, easiest, and chemical-free way to clean is with steam. Forget all the bottles of stuff that don't work and also make for a lovely aroma (dead giveaway that you were in a tizzy cleaning!!) This SteamMachine comes with every accessory you can image to tackle your home lightning fast. You can see how I've used it in my oven cleaning in this video.

You've got a Steam Mop for carpet, wood, and tile, a squeegee for glass and upholstery (even mattresses), extensions to save your back, brushes for all types of surfaces, and an accessory bag to keep it all within your reach.

Step 4

Before I start my cleaning fun, I hang up my accessory bag (included with SteamMachine Elite) and fill it with all my tools so they're ready for me as I work. 

Step 5

Setting up the SteamMachine Elite is easy. Just fill with your distilled water using the measuring cup and funnel provided. Hand-tighten the cap back on and plug it in.

You'll see two lights intially while the steam is building up. However, after about 10-15 minutes, one of the lights will turn off and you're ready to rock n' roll. Let's have a blast! (literally!)

Step 6

I had yet to try the SteamMachine Elite on my newly installed cooktop, so I couldn't wait to see how the it performed. Here's my daily grime waiting for me to tackle it.

Step 7

I attach the nozzle and black nylon bristle brush and have at it. It's so easy to blast with steam while scrubbing. Ιn an instant you'll see that hot mess disappear. Now we're talkin'!

Step 8

Even though I've used the HomeRight SteamMachine products in the past, I am still floored each time I use it. Not only does it work fast, but it blasts away the mess in spots I couldn'taccess before.

In the past, I've tried everything, including using a toothbrush, to get into those crevices. The steam out-cleaned all my previous efforts. Even my kids were excited!

Step 9

You can't beat the fact that this is also chemical-free. Steam kills the bacteria and provides you with a fresh home that doesn't smell like all the perfumed products laced with toxins. 

Step 10

With a family in tow, the floors definitely need a cleaning and the Steam Mop made my job fast and easy. Just attach the mop head to the extensions, and the extensions to the nozzle.

Step 11

Now it's time to head to the bathroom to finish off our last-minute cleaning. I grab my accessory bag and hang it on the door, then start steam cleaning my tub and tile. For some reason, those treads on the bottom of tubs are always hard to get clean. It seems I scrub forever and it doesn't want to come clean. This time around, I use my black nylon bristle brush and steam while scrubbing for about a minute or so.

Step 12

In a flash, that built-up grime is gone! Like I mentioned, I can never say enough about how exciting it is to see this thing work wonders. You know you're adulting when cleaning makes you giddy! tee hee.

Step 13

Another favorite attachment of mine is the crevice tool. That nifty thing can reach into places my hands can't and makes me feel so good that I'm taking care of all the germs.

Step 14

After cleaning my bathroom commode and floor, it's time to tackle the mirror. I snap on my squeegee, steam, and wipe clean. Finally, my two nastiest rooms in the house are now done and it took me a little over an hour. Yahoo!!

Step 15

There's still time left to cook up some good food, and even fold that clean laundry waiting for me while I worked. When my guests show up they won't be overloaded with the odor of cleaning chemicals, but instead will feel welcomed and I will have less stress. Win-win!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. In the meantime, come see me at my blog, Prodigal Pieces, where we are all about inspiring you to give DIY a try. Until next time!

How to Clean a Home With Steam

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