Light and Bright Farmhouse Style She Shed
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Kim Tritz
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Sprayer
  • Paint & Primer in One (enough for your shed size)
  • Painters' Tape and Drape (for windows or doors)
  • Broom/Mop/Cleaning Supplies (to clean pre-painting)
  • Screw Driver & Tape (for outlet covers)
  • Ladder

Project Steps


My mom's poor little shed was empty, dark, a bit spidery, a little cobwebby, and basically an empty storage shed you toss a lawn mower in with some utility buckets and random Christmas decor, and shut the doors. In a few days time, we took this shed from cob-web central, to farmhouse style she shed perfection that's bright and airy, with a ton of storage space and work space. 

This project took me about 6 days from start to finish (including dry time and build time), and it was very simple. Spraying the paint on the walls and ceiling took 2 days, however you could do it in 1 full day as long as you have enough paint on hand! 

Step 1

To begin, you will want to clean out and sweep your shed. Get rid of that dust and those cobwebs, also you can take this opportunity to remove any outlet covers and light switch covers. Tape over the outlets and switches to keep paint out, and tape the screws you've removed to the corresponding plate so you don't lose any. 

Step 2

It's time to ready the sprayer! I used the Super Finish Max paint sprayer for this project and it worked perfectly! Start by mixing your paint thoroughly, and fill the sprayer cup. I did not need to thin this paint for this sprayer nozzle, but if you're using a thicker paint, you may choose a different nozzle and air cap accordingly. Adjust the suction tube to angle toward the back of the cup, because you'll be pointing it up toward the ceiling. Go ahead and screw the cup onto the sprayer, and plug it in. You can adjust the nozzle to spray horizontally, vertically, or in a round spray - I did the horizontal spray for this, but you can adjust this to what works for you.  

Step 3

Grab your ladder, and get on it! I started at one end, and was able to spray halfway down the ceiling and across 3 studs before having to move my ladder. Spray in a nice, even pattern, slightly overlapping the edges of paint. Repeat until you've done 2 coats on the ceiling (or really, whatever you can't reach on foot). This is what took me the most time because of the ladder moving, and the peaks with all their nooks and crannies. 

Step 4

Move on to the walls. I did 2 complete coats on the top half first (because I figured I'd need to adjust the suction tube to a different angle for the bottom section). This part was smooth sailing! Because you can tilt this sprayer so well, don't be afraid to get in those studs to coat all the areas in between (including the exposed wires). 

Step 5

Move on down to the bottom section, and repeat the same spraying process for 2 coats on the bottom half. Don't fret about overspray on the floor; you can either spray your way out on the floor, or paint with a roller as we did. 

Step 6

At this point, you can clean your sprayer, and paint the floor. Cleaning the sprayer is super simple - use the brushes and some warm soapy water to get rid of the paint in the caps, tubes, and nozzles. Reassemble those parts, then rinse and fill the paint cup with warm soapy water, plug it back in and spray the water out to clean the insides of the sprayer. Let it all dry, then pack it up!

We rolled our paint on, but you can certainly spray your way out (twice). Either way, you will want to sweep out the dust and overspray, tape and drape accordingly, and paint that floor. Once the paint has sufficiently dried, go ahead and replace your light covers, switch plates, and outlet covers, and get rid of that painters' tape. 

Step 7

We added shelves, and a table, as well as some utility hooks and coat hooks for storing all the necessary garden supplies and tools. 


Step 8

To see the full post and get even more details on the builds and design of this farmhouse style she shed, I'd love for you to visit the blog at!

Light & Bright Farmhouse Style She Shed Makeover


light and bright farmhouse style she shed makeover

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