Lighting Charcoal the Fast and Easy Way for Outdoor Grilling
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Kandice Kullmann
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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There is nothing better than the taste of a burger or veggies cooked over a charcoal grill. Which is why I am in love with the Homeright ElectroLight fire starter. The ElectroLight makes outdoor cooking fast and easy. It gets your charcoal lit in just under 3 minutes so no more waiting for the flame to catch or squirting lighter fluid. I can't imagine anyone who likes the taste of lighter fluid. Yuck. This fire starter is about to change the way you grill! I will start by saying that it does need to be plugged in. With the amount of heat that this baby cranks out it's understandable. So make sure to grab an extension cord if you don't have an outside outlet near your grill. The HomeRight ElectroLight is super easy to use. Simply plug it in, aim and fire. Well, sort of. Press the red button and your fire starter will begin to heat up. Don't worry if your charcoal doesn't ignite immediately. It takes approximately 2-3 minutes to produce a flame. Then the ElectroLight will continue to blow hot air to fan the flame, helping it to grow. The ElectroLight also has a safety feature that will shut the fire starter off if it gets too hot, allowing time to cool. I admit that I may have overused it on our trip up to the Catskills. It certainly got a workout between using it to light the charcoal grill and then indoors lighting the wood for the wood burning stove. Be careful not to touch the hot end since it clearly gets very hot. When not in use I like to hang it on the side of the grill or the safety gate by the fire. You can find a video to see the ElectroLight fire starter in action on the blog HERE.  

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