Little Girl Bunk Bed Makeover
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Materials Needed: 
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Simple green
  • Sander and sand paper
  • Finish Max
  • Spray Shelter, Large

Project Steps


For one of our employees it was time for a little girl to move from a toddler bed into a big girl bed and this particular little girl wanted a bunk bed. So a bunk bed she would have. Inspiration struck when this HomeRight employee was paging through the Pottery Barn catalog and came across this picture. She thought to herself, I can make something like that at a fraction of the price using the Finish Max Sprayer and Spray Shelter

Photo source: Pottery Barn Kids

Step 1

This is the way the bunk bed looked when she picked it up from the craigslist seller. First step was to set up two Spray Shelters and separate the pieces enough so that they could be walked between while spraying. 

Step 2

Since this is a high use piece of furniture, she decided to sand all the surfaces with a electric sander. Using course sand paper first and then stepping down to fine sand paper on all surfaces. 

Step 3

Once the sanding was complete, all surfaces were wiped down with simple green cleaning product. 

Step 4

First spraying step was to spray the entire bed set with SW Wall & Wood Primer tinted gray. The entire set took 1 quart of primer. She did have to thin the primer according to the included viscosity cup for the Finish Max to be able to spray the primer. 

Step 5

After the primer dried for 24 hours the next step was to spray the bunk bed with SW all surface enamel. Color used was SW Software 7074. She sprayed 3 light coats of enamel on the bunk bed over the course of 3 days. Once the enamel was dry she examined the bunk bed for any spots that were missed and sprayed those. To make sure the paint cured fully it sat in the garage for 3 weeks.

Step 6

Overall the employee is very pleased with the result, the bunk bed has required some touch ups here and there.  Touch ups with a paint brush are easy since it was a semi-gloss enamel. 

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