Maintaining your Finish Max
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

 August 21, 2014 - This is our first guest post on the HomeRight blog. This post is written and photographed by one of our favorite bloggers, Gail from My Repurposed Life Blog. Gail is also a HomeRight Brand Ambassador and occasionally writes about HomeRight products on her blog. Gail's readers know that she loves repurposing furniture and most of her projects are sprayed with the Finish Max sprayer. So today she is sharing with our readers how to maintain your Finish Max and keep it in proper working order. 

My Repurposed Life

finish-max-diy-chalk-paint-primerThis is what a well-loved Finish Max looks like.   It wears paint and stain proudly displaying memories of “past projects”.   Just like any other piece of machinery, there are a few maintenance tasks that will keep your best friend in great working order and ready for any new project that comes its way.

The first (and most important) step of good maintenance is to clean your Finish Max properly


finish-max-new-air-filtersAfter many uses over time, your air filters will get dirty.   Perhaps you didn’t even know your Finish Max has air filters?  Yep it does, right under that black cap.  In order to blow out air, your machine has to be able to take in air.  I always keep a spare set of filters and a small screwdriver in my bucket with my Finish Max.  I don’t want to be in the middle of a big project and have my friend suffocate from lack of air.  Smile   Maybe you should order some extra filters while you’re thinking about it.


finish-max-air-filterWhen I removed the cap, I saw that these filters were still in great shape!  You can clearly see where they were getting clogged, but you can see the filters still have a lot of mileage left in them.  You can flip them over, trade places with the other, trim them on one end and scoot them over slightly etc.  As long as you can see white filter when you put the cap back on you’re good to go!  I flipped them, and put the new filters away for future use.

TIP: If your paint is not spraying out of the nozzle—it made need to be thinned, OR it could be because your Finish Max is not receiving enough air, check your filters and/or the air holes. (See below) 


how-to-clean-finish-maxTIP:  If you don’t clean your Finish Max well, there are two small air holes that can get clogged.  It was impossible for me to get a picture of them, but in this shot you can see that I have a skewer inserted into one of the holes (near the fill tube).  The other hole is of course to the left.  These holes have never clogged on me, because I use the water hose to get this area clean.

TIP: If your paint is leaking around the rim of your cup, your nozzle may be clogged (did you strain your paint?)

Other accessories that will make your painting experience a good one are an extra paint cup and a lid.  Between coats, I use an extra cup to clean my Finish Max, while putting the lid on the cup that holds my paint.  This easily allows me to prepare for a second coat. 

TIP: Do not store you paint for long periods in your paint cup.  This will make your cup difficult to clean which can lead to a layer of paint peeling off during your next project, therefore clogging your nozzle.

For more do’s and don’ts check out my blog post Finish Max Paint Spraying 101.


Easy Finish Max Paint Sprayer Project

twin-foot-boardOne of the most difficult items to paint by hand is beds/spindles. The Finish Max makes this so much easier.


finish-max-diy-chalk-paint-primerThis twin sized foot board will receive 2 light coats of my DIY Chalk Paint that I regularly use as a primer.  It’s made with latex paint and plaster of paris.  My Finish Max easily handles this paint.  This is after one coat.


finish-max-black-foot-boardThis is after the 2 light coats of the chalky paint which is easily susceptible to hand prints (you can see a little chalky residue on the top and bottom rail where I carried it)

For the next step, I couldn’t use my Finish Max, because I wanted a dry brush technique.  But because the paint sprayer did such a great job covering the wood tones, this step was quite easy.


red-paint-over-blackI poured a small amount of bright red paint into a container.  I used a chip brush to lightly apply some red paint over the black.  It amazed me how the red looked so dark—exactly the color I was going for!


dry-brushed-red-over-blackHad I used the Finish Max, I’m not sure I could have achieved this result, but I will be trying it someday soon.


dark-red-bedI love the color and the finish!

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