Make a Gold Magnolia Wreath
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Katy Lyle
Friday, December 15, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max
  • Large Spray Shelter
  • Gold Craft Paint
  • Faux Magnolia Leaves
  • Foam Wreath
  • Ribbon

Project Steps


Making a Faux Magnolia Wreath is a simple and quick project perfect for your holiday decor. Get the high end look without the price tag! Plus, the Finish Max Super makes customizing holiday decor quick and easy. Here's how to make a Gold Magnolia Wreath:

Step 1

Cut and separate the faux Magnolia leaves. Then take the round foam wreath and start inserting the leaf bunches into the wreath. Add as many leaves you need until you cover the entire wreath.

Step 2

Assemble your Large Spray Shelter in a well ventilated area. Then lay down a plastic or fabric drop cloth, you'll also want to setup a table or a place to spray the wreath.

Step 3

Next prep your Finish Max Super with the correct spray tip. I used the green tip since the gold paint was on the thicker side. I then added my gold paint which was basic craft paint and it worked great!

Step 4

Start painting! I gave the entire wreath a light coating since I wanted some of the green to show through. I also painted as much of the green foam wreath as I could. Let it completely dry.

Step 5

Wrap a ribbon around the top to hang or you can also add a bow to the front like I did. Hang the wreath where you want and enjoy your new custom holiday decor. Head on over to my blog, A Shade of Teal for more projects. Thanks for reading!

Create a handmade, gold magnolia wreath with a paint sprayer


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