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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Project Steps

HomeRight works with dozens upon dozens of amazing and talented bloggers. These bloggers are amazing not only because of the content they create, but also because of the many hats that they wear. These bloggers take on the title of mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, and more. When we learned that Katy with A Shade of Teal was expecting a new baby boy, we knew that it would be a great opportunity to celebrate her title as "blogger", but also as "mom". To do this, we surprised Katy with a handmade baby onesie!


Making the baby onesie was simple. If you're a mother who loves crafting projects, this project would be perfect to create for your baby! You could also make this as a surprise gift for a friend or family member, just like we did for Katy!

Start by gathering your materials. For this project, we needed:

-Blank baby onesie (you can choose whichever size you want!)

-Cricut, transfer paper, and vinyl

-DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint


DIY Baby onesie materials

Once we had everything we needed, we used the Cricut app to make a design. We had fun decided what the onesie would say! We chose for it to say "Mommy's Future DIYer" on the front and then have the HomeRight logo on the back. 

cricut baby outfit phrases

Next, we got to work with the Cricut! This tool is great for cutting out phrases and transfering the phrase to a different surface. You can use a Cricut to design mugs, pillows, signs, (and onesies!!) with cute phrases or designs. We started by printing our phrases on the vinyl. 

vinyl design for cricut and baby onesie

handmade baby onesie phrase

Once the phrase was printed on the vinyl, we weeded out the pattern to create a stencil. 

weeding out pattern of stencil cricut design

We then put the transfer paper on top of the vinyl and removed the backing from the vinyl to expose the pattern that we created. Next, we stuck the transfer paper (with the pattern) onto the fabric and removed the transfer paper to leave the stencil. 

Painting a baby onesie with decoart fabric paint

When the stencil was in place, we were ready to paint! We dipped our brush into the DecoArt So Soft fabric paint and covered the exposed areas of the stencil with paint to fill in the pattern. This paint is perfect for fabric because it's soft to the touch, it doesn't crack or peel, and your fabric can still be washed afterwards. When we had the exposed areas covered in fabric paint, we gently peeled back the stencil to reveal the finished pattern!

Peeling back stencil

Naturally, mishaps happen with every Do-It-Yourself project and we accidentally splotched paint outside of the pattern when we were peeling back the stencils. We improvised by adding a swirly, free-hand design around our sayings. This added a nice, personalized touch!

Mommy's future DIYer

We allowed the paint to dry overnight, but if you're in a rush you can use the Digital Temperature or Dual Temperature heat gun to speed up the process! Once the paint on the onesie was dry, we mailed it out to Katy and surprised her. Her new baby boy seems to like the onesie as much as we do! It's so nice to be able to celebrate a person for being an amazing blogger AND a mom. Congratulations again, Katy!

DIY a handmade baby onesie for A Shade of Teal blogger

HomeRight handmade baby onesie for a blogger

Be sure to head to Katy's blog site for amazing DIY ideas!


DIY baby onesie gift idea for an expexting mother, blogger, or anyone who loves DIY projects! HomeRight made this onesie for Katy with A Ashade of Teal.

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