Motorcycle Trailer Revamp
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Thursday, November 10, 2016
Materials Needed: 
  • Finish Max Sprayer
  • Painters Tape
  • Automotive paint of choice
  • Wire brush
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Project Steps


One of our HomeRight Sales Managers is a motorcycle enthusiast and needed a motorcycle trailer to transport his motorcycle to and from his lake place. He found this trailer but it needed some work. So he used his DIY skills and the Finish Max sprayer to revamp the trailer and make it look new again. Below is a listing photo of the trailer. 

Before photo of trailer

Step 1

First step was to use a wire brush to remove some rust and loose paint from the trailer. Once that was complete, rubbing alcohol was used to wipe down the entire trailer to remove grease and dirt. 

Step 2

The next step included spraying two coats of POR-15 Silver Rust Preventative Coating on the entire trailer. He used the POR-15 Solvent to thin the material before spraying it with the HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer. 

Step 3

Once the silver primer was dry he used the Finish Max sprayer to paint POR-15 Top Coat Chassis Black. The top coat was thinned with the POR-15 Solvent and he sprayed 3 thin coats on the entire trailer. 

Step 4

After the black top coat cured for 24 hours he taped off the trailer and added a yellow accent to the trailer using Rust-Oleum Enamel in safety yellow.

Step 5

The motorcycle trailer looks great now and has held up well to the elements.

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