My Love for HomeRight Spray Shelters
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Ruthie Tabone
Friday, November 2, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Small Spray Shelter
  • Medium Spray Shelter
  • Large Spray Shelter
  • Spray Shelter Air Flow

Project Steps


Hey everyone!  It's Ruthie from Refashionably Late again.  Today I wanted to share with you my love for the Spray Shelters.  I have used all 3 of them multiple times throughout the past few years.  Frankly, I don't know how I did my DIY projects before they came into my life.  It helps so much to make a project a success!

Step 1

I used the Small Spray Shelter for this quick and easy Tray Makeover.  With the help of the Spray Shelter, I was able to complete this project indoors as I did this in the dead of winter.  I love living in Minnesota, but the cold weather can really put a damper on my DIY projects! 

Step 2

This project had a lot of steps but it was totally worth it.  The plain brown hollow core doors were so easy to paint with the Large Spray Shelter.  It's so nice to be able to paint in my garage and not worry about overspray getting on everything!  Head on over to see how I upgraded my Hollow Core Doors.

Step 3

The Medium Spray Shelter might be my favorite of the 3!  I love that it just pops up quickly but has a larger space for furniture projects.  It was so easy to paint this dresser for my daughter's room with the help of the Super Finish Max and Medium Spray Shelter.

Step 4

The Small Spray Shelter is perfect for projects like this.  A small doll bed isn't very big and it fits perfectly inside of the Small Spray Shelter.  I love how this doll bed turned out and it was such a quick DIY! Great present for any little girl!

Step 5

One of the biggest projects I tackled with the use of a spray shelter was my kitchen cabinets.  It was the longest DIY project I have ever done, but I'm so glad I did it!  I love my painted kitchen cabinets and the Finish Max provided such a smooth finish.  That in combination with the Large Spray Shelter really helped me stay sane throughout the entire time.

Step 6

One spray shelter that I haven't given gotten to try yet is the Spray Shelter Air Flow.  I'm really excited to try this out as I'm sure I'll love it!  You have the option to attach a fan to the shelter for better air flow and ventilation!

Step 7

For my most recent transformation I used the Medium Spray Shelter.  I have been wanting to paint my KitchenAid Mixer for quite some time!  I was nervous I was going to ruin it and then I wouldn't have a mixer anymore.  I decided to set my worries to the side and just go for it!  And I am glad I did!

Step 8

Place your KitchenAid on the HomeRight Turn Table for an easier way to spray all of the nooks and crannies of the KitchenAid.  Paint the KitchenAid evenly with a metallic spray paint suitable for metals.

Step 9

After it is dry, coat the entire KitchenAid with an Enamel.  This is the protective coat that will keep your newly painted KitchenAid safe from damage.

Step 10

You now have a beautiful finished product and accessory to add to your Kitchen decor.  For a full detailed tutorial and video instructions head on over to Refashionably Late. ---->  How to Paint a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Step 11

Thank you so much for indulging in my love for the HomeRight Spray Shelters.  If you don't have one you better get your hands on one soon!  If you liked seeing my DIY projects please subscribe to my email list so you never miss a post! 

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Best Tool to Have When Painting: The HomeRight Spray Shelters

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