Natural Spring Cleaning (The Easy Way)
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Amy Boyle
Monday, March 13, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Steam Machine

Project Steps


With the coming of spring comes spring cleaning, the simple task of preparing your home for warmer weather and reducing the build up of dust and dirt that accumulates over time. Giving your kitchen a deep "spring" clean doesn't have to be hard, time-consuming or involve harsh, toxic chemicals.

Using high-pressure, high-temperature steam rather then harsh cleaners filled with chemicals, the Steam Machine makes quick work of all types of cleaning chores. Take a look at the 5 DIRTY jobs I tackled safely and naturally using my HomeRight Steam Machine in the video below!


 Make your spring cleaning safe and easy with the HomeRight Steam Machine. See 5 cleaning projects made easy in this quick video!

Step 1

The amount of dust that can build up on your air vents all winter long as the dry heat fills your house can be, well scary. Even after a vacuuming, my vents were still really dirty so I quickly unscrewed them and dropped them in the sink. A quick blast with the Steam Machine, then a rinse using my sink sprayer washed all the loosened dust off. Within minutes they were ready to be reattached, now not only are they clean but now we have less dust and allergens blowing through our A/C system.

Step 2

Opening your windows each Spring often comes with the nasty surprise of dirt-caked window sills from a long winter. Rather then break out harsh cleaners, or spend time scrubbing the dirt out of the corners, a blast with the high-temperature, high-pressure steam will quickly loosen the winter's worth of debris. A quick wipe-down will remove any remaining dirt and your windows will be sparkling and warm-weather ready!

I recently read an article about how your sink is the dirtiest, germiest part of your home (yuck!). Rather then relying on bleach with it's harsh fumes to kill the bacteria, a blast from the Steam Machine makes quick work killing 99% of bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, and staph. Follow up with a thorough wipe down with a clean cloth and your sink will be clean, sparkling and most-importantly, germ-free!

Step 3

A winter's worth of oven baking and soups boiling on the stove can lead to cooked on food that can be hard to remove. Rather then relying on the oven's self-cleaning cycle, which had us running to open all our windows to get the overwhelming fumes out of the house the last time we used it {never again!}, you can easily clean both your range top and the inside of your oven with the Steam Machine. Simply give the entire area a good blast of steam, then scrape up any caked on food {a flat edged scraper or even a spatula will do the trick}. Finish up by wiping everything up with some paper towels and the oven and range top will look brand new, no fumes or chemicals necessary.

Step 4

While this is "do at your own risk" because you may be putting high-pressure/temperature steam on rubber depending on what type of washer you have, I use my Steam Machine to sanitize inside my front-load washer. The rubber door seal is a breeding ground for mold, which causes the well-known rank odors these washers are known for. A good blast with the Steam Machine reduces this build up and sanitizes the inside without having to rely on bleach or chemical cleaners, which are not only bad for you but can also harm clothes. It just takes a few seconds to sanitize the inside, and your washer {and your clean clothes} will thank you :)

Step 5

While your HomeRight Steam Machine is out and warmed up, you can also give your granite counters a quick sanitize and it works great for cleaning your floors with the steam mop attachment. Before long your kitchen will be not only sparkling *Spring* clean but completely sanitized too!

You can find more information about the Steam Machine HERE.

{The Steam Machine is available from HERE.}

Happy Spring Cleaning everyone! XO, Amy

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