NEW Finish Max Extra
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Gail Wilson
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Paint
  • Mesh Strainer
  • Finish Max Extra
  • Large Spray Shelter (optional)

Project Steps


I'm so happy to introduce you to my new best friend! Homeright has developed a new paint sprayer and I think you will love it as much as I do. Years ago I was given a sprayer that was somewhat different than the Finish Max you and I know and love. I have used it for several years and spoke often to the powers that be about developing this sprayer for market. The time is finally here and I'm about to burst with excitement. I've had my hands on it for a couple of weeks, and I've used it on several projects. It doesn't disappoint. The Finish Max Extra (just the name explains a LOT) has extra features that will wow you. There are extra nozzles included in the box, with the opportunity to purchase even more nozzles as accessories! Oh my gosh! The possibilities are endless with the addition of these nozzles (and the pins that go along with them). There is also a small wrench for switching out the nozzles/pins, a handy brush for cleaning all parts of the sprayer, as well as an extra pattern cap for the larger nozzle.There are some changes to how you adjust the Finish Max Extra, and the filter is so easy to change. I think you can probably hear my excitement, right? I'll be going into a lot more details next month after I've used the sprayer for more projects, but for now, let's check out one of my latest projects.This is the dreaded before of a very old and tired porch swing. After putting up the new DIY Picket Fence and then the new pergola/arbor over the swing, it was time to take care of this tired old swing. I always love using my Amazon Affiliate Links help support My Repurposed Life, thank you!" Homeright Finish Max for these kinds of projects, but I have great news—there’s a new kid in town. YES! I’m going to introduce you to the new Finish Max Extra. I’m very excited about it. But first let’s see the steps to get this swing ready for painting.

Step 1


Always clean your projects with soap and water really well before painting. Paint will stick to dirt, then dirt flakes, and so does the paint. 

Step 2


The swing was quite dirty. After washing it, I left it in the sun to dry. First upright, then upside down.

Step 3


These are the parts that come with the Finish Max Extra. There are six available spray tip sizes,  3 are Included. The brush is helpful for cleaning all the parts of the new sprayer.

Step 4

The small wrench is used to change out tips and nozzles. 

Step 5

Strain Paint

I always strain my paint to make sure everything flows easily. Many times when I clean my mesh strainer, I find debris that would have probably clogged up my sprayer.

Step 6

Adjust Flow Control Knob

This will allow you to dial in the perfect width of your spray pattern for your particular project. 

Step 7

Set up Spray Shelter & Paint

The large Spray Shelter is perfect for jobs like this porch swing.  I generally start with the underside of my projects, then move to the top side.



Step 8

Admire your finished project

Because the weather was fairly cool, I raised the shelter to allow the breeze and sunshine to help dry the paint. I LOVE it. I haven’t used this area for years.  I’m so happy to have a nice place to relax and read, or play on my phone.

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