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Stacy Risenmay
Monday, October 26, 2015

Project Steps

I built two cabinets for my office several years ago when I decorated my office. I never posted a tutorial because they were a mishmash of scrapwood and not the most impressive things I had ever built. When I redecorated my office recently, I decided to give them a much needed makeover.

  office cabinets before  

The doors were really basic. The were just pieces of wood that I had routed the edges. Nothing fancy.

  office cabinet. Top is filing cabinet with faux doors and the bottom door open for storage.

I knew I wanted them to resemble the kitchen cabinets I am going to install in the kitchen so I cut down the doors so they were inset and added some trim to make them shaker style. The top part of the cabinet is made to be a file cabinet with the lid opening up with a piano hinge. It has faux doors. The bottom opens like a regular cabinet for my kids' craft supplies in one and for office supplies in the other cabinet.

  cabinet makeover

I used non-mortise butt hinges so the doors would be inset but that posed a problem for the top part since the doors don't actually function and are for decoration. I had to cut slits so I could stick the hinges in though them. This is showing the inside of the cabinet.   slots for hinges for the faux doors   Once I had all the trim added, the slots cut, the holes all puttied, and the whole thing sanded, I was ready to paint. I used the HomeRight Finish Max for fast, even coverage. spraying cabinet with finish max  

I am so happy with how it turned out! And it makes me extra excited to see this look in my kitchen!

  Office cabinet with two doors below and false door on top

  And now I am one step closer to being able to share the full office reveal! I am loving how it is all coming together :)

  new cabinets in the office  

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