Office Cabinet Makeover with 7” Flat Stainer
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Lindsay Eidahl
Thursday, March 2, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • 7" Flat Stainer
  • Stain
  • Desk

Project Steps


Hello, HomeRight readers! My name is Lindsay and I write the blog My Creative Days. I am passionate about DIYing, repurposing and creating pieces to make our house a home. It has been a dream come true to start a blog and share my frugal ideas to create a home you are proud of. Furniture projects are some of my favorite DIY projects to tackle. I will rescue any piece that I see potential in. We are in the middle of making over a home office for me to work in every day and I have been searching for fun pieces to add to the room. Today, I am sharing one of my latest rescues for the office! This office cabinet makeover was fun to do and I am excited to share it with you today! I found this cabinet at my local Restore. Restore is one of my favorite places to shop to find great pieces for our home. Sometimes, they can be a little pricey, but if you go often enough, you will be able to find some great things.

Step 1

When we were planning the home office, I knew I needed a lot of storage and ample work space. I also wanted the office to be pretty. This cabinet had two of those things going for it; it had loads of storage and it would give me more work space to spread out on. It didn't however, have the "pretty" factor. That, I knew I could change. The cabinet didn't come with a top so the first thing we had to do was add a top to it.

Step 2

We had left over wood and trim in the garage from previous projects (I always keep left over wood from projects for other projects that come up) that we used to make the top. I love the look of stained wood with painted wood together and knew I wanted to do that with this office cabinet makeover.

Step 3

The Flat Stainer worked like a charm! It made this big job so much easier to get done. If you have a bigger stain project like this, I highly recommend using it.

Step 4

I had a few gray paint colors left over from previous projects so I mixed them together to get a great color for this office cabinet makeover. We added a thin plywood wood detail around the cabinet doors and painted them the same color so it looks like that was always there but gave the piece a little more character. Picking out new hardware for pieces like this is so much fun for me. I added the Modus Cabinet Cup Pull from Hickory Hardware to the drawers and the Cottage Cabinet Pulls to the cabinet doors. The hardware alone makes the piece look brand new!

Step 5

This office cabinet makeover was so much fun to do. I thought it was going to be the perfect addition to the home office, but as I have found more pieces for the office, this cabinet is not going to work. No worries though, a friend of mine is excited to have it in her home for her laundry room.

Step 6

I am bummed that the cabinet wouldn't work for what I envisioned, but I know I will find another great piece that will fit my needs perfectly.

Step 7

Like with all of my furniture makeovers, I love showing the potential in pieces that you would otherwise look over. I will continue to rescue pieces that have loads of potential even if they won't fit in our home. I can't help myself. It is too much fun and I am always able to find a good home for each piece. 

Do you have a home office? What is your favorite piece in your home office that you couldn't live without? I would love for you to come over and visit me at My Creative Days. I have so many projects going on all the time and love sharing the creative madness that fuels my soul every day!

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