Old Cabinet Door to Vegetable Bin by My Repurposed Life
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Gail Wilson
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Materials Needed: 
  • cabinet door (your local ReStore is a great resource for inexpensive cabinet doors
  • wire baskets (these are from The $$ Tree)
  • cup hooks (two for each basket)
  • d rings (for hanging your cabinet door)
  • satin paint (or chalk paint of your choice)
  • plaster of Paris (to make your chalky paint primer that will adhere very well to your cabinet door)
  • Homeright Finish Max
  • spray paint
  • Small Spray Shelter
  • drill
  • vinyl phrase (optional)
  • painter’s tape (optional)

Project Steps


Repurposing an old cabinet door to make a vegetable bin is a quick and easy project. This particular project only has two wire baskets that make it perfect for a couple or a single person living alone. Using a Finish Max and spray paint will allow you to easily match your décor.

Step 1

Gather your supplies and mix your paint with the plaster of paris. This diy chalky paint primer tutorial will give you the proper measurements—or you could use chalk paint.

Step 2

Spray the back of your cabinet door, then carefully turn it around and give the front a light coverage. Repeat this step with two light coats of the satin paint without plaster to give a great topcoat.

Step 3

While your cabinet door dries/cures, use your small Homeright Spray Shelter to spray paint your wire baskets and cup hooks to match. Elevating your baskets helps obtain great coverage. In addition, raising your spray shelter up on a table will allow you to be more comfortable while spray painting your projects. If it’s windy, such as it was on this day the weight of the scrap wood (holding the baskets) helps to hold the spray shelter in place.

Step 4

Using cardboard or scrap wood will allow you better spray coverage on the cup hooks.

Step 5

Pre-drilled pilot holes will make it easier for you to secure the cup hooks. Use some kind of guide to make sure that you get them equidistant.

Step 6

1) Use an electronic cutter to cut out your vinyl phrase 2) apply painter’s tape to vinyl for transfer 3)Lay vinyl phrase on cabinet door 4) remove painter’s tape by laying it back on itself and peeling it backwards. 5) admire your pretty vinyl phrase on your cabinet door.

Step 7

Attach d-rings to the back of your cabinet door, secure your wire baskets and hang up.

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