Our Ten Favorite Uses for the SteamMachine
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Christy Black
Friday, March 9, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine and Accessories
  • Distilled Water

Project Instructions


The SteamMachine is one of the most versatile cleaning tools out there, and it's pretty much the only tool you'll need to spring clean your home from ceiling to floors.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is to clean and disinfect your home without harsh chemicals!

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The Top Ten Uses for the SteamMachine

Step 1

1. Zap Dust Mites

With steam temperatures around  290°, the SteamMachine kills dust mites in pillows, upholstery, and mattresses.  Use the fabric steamer attachment with the fabric bonnet, and zap dust mites all around the house!

Step 2

2. Remove the Ring From Around Your Faucets

If you have hard water like we do, then you know that a crusty ring develops around the faucet after a few months.  The small brass utility brush blasts that away in seconds.

Step 3

3. Sterilize Kitchen Counters

While most of us wipe down our kitchen counters several times a day, how often do we actually sterilize them?  In just seconds, the squeegee attachment makes sure that your counters are clean enough to eat off of.  

Step 4

4. De-Wrinkle Your Drapes

Drapes, shower curtains and dust ruffles always come out of the package wrinkled.  Steaming them is so much faster than ironing them!

Step 5

5. Scrub Your Tile

I love using the SteamMachine to get tile floors spotless.  I start with the large cleaning brush, then I go over the floor again with the chenille mop pad.  For stained or dirty grout, the brass utility brush or jet nozzle will do the trick! (For simple everyday cleaning of tile floors, I recommend the chenille mop pad)

Step 6

6. Steam Stains

Stains on washable upholstery (and carpet!!!) don't stand a chance when I fire up the SteamMachine.  Although it usually gets stains out without any assistance, for really tricky ones I use it with a bit of carpet cleaner and it works like a charm.

Step 7

7. Clean Crevices

The area around and under the toilet is one of the scariest in my house, but the jet nozzle takes care of whatever's lurking under there.  It's amazing on baseboards, too.

Step 8

8. Get the Shower Door Spick & Span

The squeegee attachment demolishes soap scum and hard water stains on our glass shower doors.  Visit {this} post for a DIY natural cleaner recipe that I use along with the SteamMachine for really tough soap scum. It's literally the only thing I've found that works!

Step 9

9.  Freshen Up Your Clothing

As I transition from my winter to spring wardrobe, there are lots of clothing items that have been crammed in the back of my closet for months.  A few passes with the SteamMachine and the wrinkles just fall out.  I also mix a tablespoon of Glamorous Wash {buy it here via our affiliate link} with water in a spray bottle and spritz throughout my closet to make everything smell fresh.  

Step 10

10. Remove Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is one of my least favorite jobs in the universe, but the SteamMachine makes it as painless as possible with the steam plate attachment.  Beware, 80's wallpaper--your time has come!

Now, go forth and clean all the things! 

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