Outdoor Patio Furniture Remodeling, Painting, and Reupholstering
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Friday, August 31, 2018

Project Steps

Our big summer project this year was remodeling an old, outdated furniture set and making it look brand new again. We found this old chair, table, and footstool set in the back corner of our warehouse and decided it was long past its due date for a makeover!

With a little bit of paint and reupholstering work, we managed to make this cabin-themed set more modern and perfectly fit for the outdoors! Read the directions below to learn how we did it or watch our how-to video!


Remodeling an Outdoor, Cabin-Themed Patio Set to Look Brand New

1. Disassemble the Pieces and Remove Cushions/Upholstery

We started by taking everything apart so that we only had the wood pieces left. If your patio set has a lot of screw like ours did, make sure you remember where they go so that it's easier to put them back in the right spot afterward. 

Taking Apart an Outdoor Set for a Furniture Remodeling Project

2. Prep and Clean Your Wood Pieces

Make sure you thoroughly clean the wood before you start painting. We used Simple Green since it's a multi-purpose cleaning solution and is great for cleaning wood surfaces. 

In addition, it's always a good practice to sand your pieces before painting. This will allow the paint to adhere to your wood surface better. 

Cleaning Furniture with Simple Green for an Outdoor Furniture Makeover Project

3. Paint the Patio Set

With the wood fully clean and ready to go, we poured DecoArt Curb Appeal Paint Nantucket Grey into our Finish Max paint sprayer (the upgraded model is the Super Finish Max). While this would have taken hours to do with a brush, we managed to have the entire patio set painted in just a couple of hours!

Best Paint Sprayer to Use When Upcycling Outdoor Furniture

We chose DecoArt Curb Appeal Paint for multiple reasons; this paint sprays perfectly in the Finish Max to lay down a smooth, fine finish. Since it's outdoor paint, it will also hold up great against the elements.

Finally, the Curb Appeal paint also works as a sealer, which means we didn't have to spray the furniture set with anything afterwards!

Transforming a Vintage Outdoor Patio Set with the Super Finish Max

Painting an Outdoor Footstool with the HomeRight Super Finish Max

4. Allow to Dry

We let the furniture dry and then made touch ups as needed. We sprayed everything in the Large Spray Shelter and the Medium Spray Shelter because both provide plenty of room for painting large furniture pieces. They also captured all of our overspray drift so we didn't make a mess in our work shop!

Spray Painting an Outdoor Furniture Set

5. Reupholster the Cushions

Next, we had to do the tedious job of ripping out all of the stitches and staples on the old cushions/fabric. We kept all of the old fabric so that we could use it as a guide when cutting and sewing the new fabric pieces. 

We bought brand new, coral colored fabric that we thought would look great against the blueish/grey paint...boy were we wrong!

We're glad we started off reupholstering the footstool first. Instantly, we realized we made a big mistake. The colors didn't go well together at all!

How to Reupholster Outdoor Furniture

We made a quick trip to Joann Fabrics and purchased new outdoor fabric. We started small again and re-reupholstered the footstool! This time we were in love with the color combo! Don't these colors look great together?

DIY Reupholstered Footstool for Outdoor Furniture Remodeling Project

5. Reupholster and Assemble

Once we knew we made the right choice, we began the huge job of reupholstering the big chair. This required removing a LOT more staples and stitches. Just like with the footstool, we kept all of the old fabric to use as a guide when cutting and sewing the new fabric. 

Reupholstering Big Outdoor Chair

When everything was complete, we stapled all of the new fabric pieces to the chair. We used this great staple gun by Arrow Fastener! Next, we reassembled the chair and rescrewed the screws so that everything was tightly secured. 

Finished Remodeling Patio Chair with New Fabric

Now we have a gorgeous, like-new patio furniture set to enjoy! Thanks to the fresh paint job and new fabric, this furniture will last for years to come. We're so glad we rescued it from the depths of the warehouse!

Final completed outdoor patio furniture set

Remodeled outdoor patio furniture makeover project

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Makeover with the Super Finish Max and Spray Shelter from HomeRight

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