Paint All The Things (picture frames)
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Gail Wilson
Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Extra
  • Paint
  • Paint Strainer
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Thrift Store Picture Frames
  • Assorted hand tools for pulling staples
  • Drop Cloth
  • Thin Plywood

Project Steps


I love to paint all the things! My friends at Homeright have asked me to tell you about a fun contest they’re hosting for the bloggers attending the Haven Conference later this month! You can read all about it over on My Repurposed Life. Meanwhile, I have some awesome picture frames I scored at a great deal lately. I love painting picture frames with my Super Finish Max Extra! I can paint many frames very quickly.

Step 1

Remove glass, prints and cardboard from thrift store picture frames.  You may want to remove hardware and wires.                     

Step 2

Paint frames with flat paint. I use a DIY chalky paint primer mixed with black paint for a base coat. Resting frames inside of one another saves space on your drop cloth.

Step 3

It’s not necessary to achieve complete coverage with the base coat.                                                                                      

Step 4

Scoop a little petroleum jelly into a small container. Use cotton swabs to spread the petroleum jelly onto random areas of the black picture frames.

Step 5

This image shows how the petroleum jelly is randomized on the black picture frames. Paint a topcoat right over the petroleum jelly. Again, complete coverage is not necessary if you're doing chippy frames. 

Step 6

Allow paint to dry, then wipe back the areas that were coated with petroleum jelly. A textured rag works better than a smooth rag such as a t-shirt.

Step 7

Did you know you can use chalkboard paint in your Super Finish Max Extra? Spraying chalkboard paint in your paint sprayer gives a fabulous finish to your new chalkboard.

Step 8

Distressed picture frame chalkboards.                                                                                                                                     

Step 9

Chalkboards are not only handy, but make beautiful art pieces that you can rest on a table...                                                   

Step 10

...or hang on the wall. I used transfers to do this chalkboard art. You can see more details at My Repurposed Life.

Easy Painted Picture Frames Project by My Repurposed Life 

I hope you love seeing how easy it is to makeover so many frames at one time. This would be great for a gallery wall, or for selling online or in a booth. 

If you're going to Haven Conference later this month, be sure to stop by the Homeright booth to meet Laura and Makayla. You'll be able to pick up a fun t-shirt and get more details on the contest. 

If you're not going to Haven Conference, or if you're not a blogger, I have you covered. Head over to My Repurposed Life to enter a fun giveaway from our friends at Homeright. 

I am so excited to see the projects entered into the contest. I get to help choose a winner. I can't wait! 

Stop by the HomeRight booth at the Haven Conference to enter this contest (for bloggers only!)

Haven blogger contest 2018

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