Paint Posh Planters With Ease With the HomeRight Spray Shelter
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Skaie Knox
Thursday, April 19, 2018

Project Steps

Paint Posh Planters With Ease With the HomeRight Spray Shelter


Written and Photographed by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

1 MCM fishbowl succulents finished top view.jpg


When a DIY idea (or should I say DIY-dea) pops in my head, one of the first things I consider is HOW can I do this myself? Well, luckily, thanks to HomeRight and their handy-dandy spray shelter (which comes in both large and small), I was able to paint these posh planters with ease!

2 Spraying succulents frame in HR Spray Shelter.jpg

My inspiration? My brother! Last month, I helped him take the wrinkles out of ironing his many shirts with the HomeRight Steam Machine as well as decluttering his bedroom and office (see my 3 stay-organized tricks for procrastinators). After things were neat and tidy, I decided to add a touch of decor and greenery and discovered faux succulents!

Yes...just say faux!

For those who might not have the greenest of thumbs or are too busy to attend to their flora friends, faux is the way to go! I found the ones for this project at Michaels, but there are many fabulous others you can purchase online, like Ellie Arts and Nearly Natural, both available on Amazon.

Give me Shelter!

The very first step I took when creating these posh planters was to paint them...carefully. I wanted the design to look stylish and custom with a smooth and professional finish.

Enter: the HomeRight Spray Shelter. Since I was creating table top-sized planters, I chose the small shelter.

3 Reason to Use a Spray Shelter:


1. It prevents overspray accidents. I tend to be an “over-sprayer”, meaning, I always make sure every inch of my projects are covered. This can sometimes mean I end up painting beyond my tarp, or getting paint specks on my table or the nearby fence. With the contained environment of the shelter, I’m able to go all Picasso without the mess.

3 HomeRight spray shelter makes projects go smoothly .png
2. It protects the painted surface of your projects.There’s nothing worse than the dreaded “tree debris” or dust that kicks up on a breezy day, ruining your paint finish. Because the HomeRight spray shelter also comes with a bottom, your projects are completely surrounded and protected from the elements.
4 Shelter protects painted finish from elements.png
3. It allows you to work in tight spaces. For DIYers who have limited square footage, this shelter can offer you the ability to paint in small spaces, corners of a room, a one-car garage or outdoors in a driveway or patio.
5 Framed succulents supplies.jpg
4. EXTRA Reason: It’s easy to unpack, then packs up for easy storage.With a simple snap of the wrist, this shelter instantly opens up, ready to use. And, when you’re finished, just twist and fold into a small disk and tuck into its storage bag. Watch this video to help you learn how to fold one neatly.

Poshly Painted Planters:


Painted Picture Frames

6 Framed succulents on blue table.jpg

succulents close up

Painted Planter Box:

8 Boxed succulents finished.jpg

Mid-Century Mod Painted Fishbowl:

Mid-Century Mod Painted Fishbowl:

For full instructions and supplies to make these faux succulents planters, visit HomeJelly! Watch the video tutorial below and pin this project now to save for later!


re purposed fish bowl pinterest image

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