Painted Folding Tables for Camper or Small Spaces
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Gail Wilson
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Reclaimed TV Tray Tables
  • Paint
  • Drop Cloth

Project Steps


Sometimes you may think it’s quicker to paint things by hand. I’ve been there, and halfway through the project I say to myself “why didn’t I get out the Super Finish Max Extra” ? I was there a couple of weeks ago when I painted a small footstool. Quick and easy project, right? I ended up having to do 3-4 coats of paint to get good coverage and to hide the brush strokes. It would have turned out better and been so much less stressful had I gotten out the paint sprayer. Lesson learned!

Step 1

How to Prep T.V. Table for Painting

T.V. tables are plentiful at thrift stores, but these have been in a spare room in my home for many years. They were in good shape, but quite dusty. TIP You can’t paint over dust!  If you suspect that your T.V. tables have and grease or grime, I recommend cleaning them with a degreaser such as TSP.

Step 2

Paint Underside of T.V. Table

Painting the underside of your project will give it a more finished look. In addition painting the top of the table while it is horizontal will give it a smoother finish and better coverage. 

Step 3

Tip for Cleaning Paint Sprayer and Cup

This handy dish scrub brush is ideal to clean your Finish Max and its paint cup. The angled plastic works great at removing built up paint in the threads of the sprayer and the cup. The bristles of the brush are fabulous inside the cup. 

Step 4

Enjoy the New Tables! 

Using the Super Finish Max Extra paint sprayer on these types of small projects not only takes less time and less paint, but definitely gives the best finish you can get with a quick paint project. 

The TV tray tables are so handy for my new camper. They fold away for easy storage, and are portable enough to take inside and out.  Check out the standing computer table I made out of one of the t.v. tables, and see the finishing details of these tables over on my post Glazed TV Tables for Camper

small camper tv table and stool

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