Painted Ladder Back Chairs | Super Finish Max
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Gail Wilson
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • Thrift Store Chairs
  • Super Finish Max
  • Paint
  • Drop Cloth
  • Degreaser

Project Steps

Today,  I’m sharing a couple of painted ladder back chairs with rush seats. A friend actually gave me these chairs that she found on the side of the road.

Painted Ladder Back Chairs

ladder back chair makeover

These ladder back chairs are nothing special, I’m guessing they may be 10-15 years old. Their color is outdated, but they are in decent shape otherwise. After hanging around in the storage garage for over a year, their day finally came last week.

Clean & Prep Thrift Store Chairs for Painting

sweep-clean thrift store finds before painting

Don’t forget to do a good inspection of thrift store finds before their makeover. Make any repairs needed, then proceed to clean items before painting. I started with a broom to sweep away cobwebs from long term storage. 

clean thrift store items before painting

To wipe away grease and grime from years of being in the kitchen my go-to product is TSP . Can you imagine how much easier this will be to paint after removing all the yuck? I prefer to wear latex gloves while doing this kind of cleaning. The TSP also acts as a deglosser, giving a better surface for the paint to adhere. Did I mention I don’t sand?

tsp helps remove paint

Proper prep work is very important before painting furniture, whether it’s for yourself  and especially if you’re flipping said furniture. With a little elbow grease, the TSP easily removed this splotch of random yellow paint.

Choose the Proper Sized Nozzle

which Super Finish Max nozzle to choose

Looking at two of the three nozzle choices that come with the Super Finish Max, I chose to go with the green one. I used the largest one (not shown) on my last big DIY project, Painting an Outdoor Building. Changing out the nozzles/pins is really easy with the small wrench that is included.

The Order of Painting Matters

super finish max paints ladder back rush seat

Even though I took lots of time prepping this project, I knew the best way to get a great finish was with my favorite paint sprayer. Painting rungs on chairs is not easy to do by hand, and I knew that the rush seat was going to be it’s own challenge! I find it’s best to paint the underside of a chair first. The best coverage happens when you’re spraying a vertical surface.

after first coat of diy chalky paint primer

Resting my projects on the easy diy sawhorses is the best way to get good coverage on all sides. I made some of my chalky paint primer for the undercoat. The paint I used was a flat paint and I felt it would give me the best chance of good coverage overall. I did two very light coats over the entire chair. This image is during the first light coat.

Painting a Ladder Back Chair

first coat of chalky paint primer

The flat paint primer dries really fast on a sunny, breezy day!

diy ladder back chair paint makeover before and after

Here’s a great look at the before and after of the chair with only the primer applied.

Can I Use Latex Wall Paint for Furniture Flipping?

latex wall paint for furniture projects

Did you know you can use latex wall paint for furniture projects? This paint works fabulously in the Super Finish Max without diluting! Since I had done 2 light coats with the chalky paint primer, I only needed to do one quick coat of this satin wall paint to get the perfect finish on my "new" chairs!

white painted ladder back chair makeover

I love how easy these chairs were to paint. However, I would recommend using a sanding sponge on the rush seat before painting. This was the first time I’ve painted these type seats and I wouldn’t want you to have to do them over. I believe I’ll be sanding the seats back a little and painting them again.

Those of you who know me well, probably know I can’t leave well enough alone. I love the white chairs, but I just had to GLAZE them! Hop over to My Repurposed Life to see the end results and get more painting tips.

Click the image below to see how I finished the chairs. I would love your opinion on the final look, well almost final look.... after all, it's only paint, right?


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