Painting A Gate With The New Finish Max Extra
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Stacy Risenmay
Monday, June 19, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Paint
  • Finish Max Extra
  • Tarp
  • Gates

Project Steps


If you like to paint, you are going to love this new sprayer! This has all the things you love about the Finish Max plus it can hold more paint, you don’t have to thin most paints, and you can do larger projects like walls! I built a large 8 foot gate (two 4 foot gates) for my backyard and I decided this would be the perfect project to test out the new sprayer.

Step 1

You can either buy a gate or build some like I did. Sand any rough spots and make sure the surface is dry and clean before starting the paint process. 

Step 2

Cover an area you don't want to get paint on with a tarp. Due to the size of these gates, I found it easiest to cover the fence and grass and then prop the gate up against the covered fence. 

Step 3

Choose the right tip for the sprayer depending on the paint you are using (see user manual) and fill the sprayer with paint. Test it out on a large piece of carboard before using it on your project. Once you get the spray they way you want it, start painting your gate! Go back and forth evenly and slightly overlap so you get good coverage.

Step 4

Allow the gates to dry for at least one hour before hanging them. Pretty soon you will be relaxing in the shade since the sprayer makes this project go much faster than using a paint brush!

DIY paint a garden gate with a paint sprayer

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