Painting Detailed Chairs with HomeRight Finish Max Super
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Natalie Dixon
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Finish Max Super Paint Sprayer
  • Furniture
  • Paint

Project Steps


I purchased this table and chair set for an incredible price off a yardsale site about 3 years ago. I bought the set knowing that it needed refinished and with every intention of doing so right away. But 3 years later, the table was still sitting there with chipping paint, chew marks on the chair legs and looking pretty sad overall. I knew it needed to be done, but just was not feeling with the detailed backs of the chairs!

One of the hardest parts of these projects is getting an even coat of paint in those small, detailed sections. I knew the new Finish Max Super would do the trick!

Step 1

I started by prepping the furniture. I was going for a two-tone look with the table and chair seats being stained and the rest of the chairs being painted. I started by stripping the original stain off the of the seats of the chairs. This took 2 coats of the stain stripper before I was satisfied with how much was removed.

I then used my palm sander to get the last remaining bits of stain off. I also sanded the dog teeth marks off the legs of the chairs and cleaned up any other chips or rough areas. 

Step 2

I then gave everything a thorough cleaning with a wet rag. I needed to remove all the sanding debris, remnants of the stain stripper and any grease marks that might have been left from every day use. The best way to ensure that your paint finish will go on evenly and last for a long time, is to make sure you start with a surface that has been prepped and cleaned correctly.

Step 3

Next I taped off and covered the seat benches since they will be stained later. You just unroll your material and press the tape down as you go. Once you have the perimeter of the chair seat taped off, you can unroll the plastic and cover the entire seat to make sure no paint spray gets underneath it. 

Step 4

Following the instructions on the Finish Max Super’s manual, choose the correct tip for your project and assemble the paint sprayer. Fill the container with your paint and get started!

Step 5

I usually flip my furniture over to start so that I am beginning with the underside and bottoms of my furniture. Then I can flip it over onto the wood blocks or tarps and get the remaining parts of the chairs. 

Step 6

I love how it gets in all the little gaps in the detailed back. This would have been such a struggle and taken forever with a paint brush!

Step 7

Once the paint was dry, I removed the plastic off the seats. Now I just need to stain the seats. I can’t wait to see how the new finish will brighten up the whole room!

Paint your kitchen chair the easy way by using a finish max paint sprayer

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