Painting Exterior Wood Furniture with a Paint Sprayer
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Natalie Dixon
Friday, June 29, 2018

Project Steps

outdoor wood furniture makeover

When your outdoor wood furniture is exposed to the elements all year long, the wood is bound to become worn, faded, and damaged by the sun. Natalie with A Turtle's Life for Me realized this when she looked at these outdoor benches that she picked up for a couple of bucks at a yard sale. With a little bit of paint and the Super Finish Max paint sprayer, Natalie managed to breathe new life into these benches. 

Painting with outdoor paint in the Super Finish Max paint sprayer from homeright

Firstly, if your furniture is going to be outdoors, you should always use an outdoor paint. Natalie was nervous to paint these benches with a brush due to all of the slats in the wood. If you use a brush, the paint will likely run and drip down the slats and you'll end up with brush marks on your piece.

To avoid this, Natalie used the Super Finish Max paint sprayer to spray the paint. This sprayer lays down a smooth, fine finish to provide high-quality results and it easily reaches into the slats and grooves of wood. For this reason, it is also great for spraying wicker furniture! 

Spraying outdoor paint in the super finish max c800971

Natalie loaded her Super Finish Max with paint and sprayed two coats on each bench for extra durabiltiy. In all, she was done painting (and cleaning!) in 30 minutes! 

DIY painted outdoor bench makeover with a paint sprayer

As a final touch, Natalie also painted the tips of the bench legs green. This makes the benches more interesting, fun, and nice to look at. For the full details on this project, head to Natalie's blog. 

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