Painting Fabric with the Finish Max
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Rachel Teodoro
Friday, August 25, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Finish Max
  • Paint
  • Fabric Medium

Project Steps


I love shopping garage sales in the summer and turning ugly, outdated purchases into updated focal points. I have been searching for an upholstered bench for my teen daughter's bedroom for months and was finally able to find one that had the perfect lines and shape, but it was in a not-so-perfect 90's floral pattern. I was able to use the Finish Max to paint the upholstery and give it a total makeover in under an hour! You can paint fabric to! I'm excited to show you how using the HomeRight Finish Max.

Step 1

I didn't use any fancy paint, just something I had on hand. I mixed half paint and half water together in my Finish Max spray container and added this fabric medium. The fabric medium will help keep your fabric from getting stiff. You want to add a bottle (6 oz) or two (I would suggest a 1:1 ratio of paint/water to fabric medium) depending on how large your project is. Remember, when you use the paint sprayer, you use far less paint than when you slop it on with a brush. It's probably my favorite thing about using the paint sprayer. That and because it goes on so thin, it drys quickly! Seriously, if you don't have one, you need one. I hate painting, but I love the end result and having the Finish Max makes me want to paint EVERYTHING.

Step 2

When I paint furniture, I always start painting it upside down. This allows you to get the parts you would normally miss if you had your furniture piece upright and allows you do to the bulk of the painting when you start. After that's finished, you flip your piece over and evenly spray the top. I used two coats of paint, allowing the bench to dry between applications.

Step 3

Let's take a little glimpse at the bench side by side with this before and after. I think the update is exactly what it needed!

Step 4

My daughter's bedroom has come a long way (seriously, you should see the before!)! She made the tufted headboard as a DIY project with her grandpa (find the tutorial here) and we applied the wallpaper in her room as an accent wall. The whole room has been completed on a budget and this bench added one more element that makes her room pop and allows her extra seating when her friends come over. Next time you see something in the wrong fabric but at the right price, know that you can indeed paint the fabric and give it the update that it needs!

Paint fabric the easy way by using a paint sprayer

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