Painting Shutters with the Super Finish Max Extra
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Gail Wilson
Friday, May 25, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Shutters
  • Super Finish Max Extra
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Sawhorses
  • Drop Cloth

Project Steps


Make standard plastic exterior shutters match your home. You change the decor inside your home, why not change it outdoors? This easy tutorial will answer all your burning questions about using the HVLP Super Finish Max Extra to give those outdated plastic shutters a new look. 

Step 1
Your questions answered
1) How long did it take the paint to dry in order to move the shutters?
    The primer coat was dry to the touch after about 15 minutes.
2) How many coats of paint were used?
    Two light coats of primer two light coats of top coat were used.
3) How much paint did it take?
    It took four sample pots, so about 8 ounces per shutter for primer and top coat.
4) How long does it take to cure?
    All paint projects take about 30 days to completely cure.
5) How many drips were there?
    There were no drips or runs.
6) Are the shutters wood or plastic?
    These shutters were plastic. Imagine how wonderful they would look if they were wood!
7) Did you paint the back
    The back was not painted. I would recommend at least two light coats of paint on the back for wooden shutters for protection from the elements.
8) Was the paint diluted?
9) What kind of paint was used?
    Behr Premium Plus interior/exterior flat
10) What were the weather conditions?
      Sunny and 64 with  low humidity
11) What preparation was done before painting?
      These shutters were dusty, they were hosed off.
12) How much overspray was there?
      Very minimal overspray, mostly at the base of the shutter where it was resting on the tarp.
13) Where was the thumb adjustment set?
      About halfway in between the plus and minus sign.
14) What spray tip was used?
      The blue spray tip was used on this project, 1.5 mm
Step 2

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Step 3

If you are replacing your old worn out wooden shutters--don't throw them away! Repurpose them. See great repurposed shutter projects on My Repurposed Life.


If you have ever tried to paint any kind of louvered doors or shutters by hand with a paint brush, you know how frustrating it can be. Rarely can it be done without paint runs on one side or the other. You know the drill: paint one side, then quickly check the reverse side to catch the drips. Using the Super Finish Max Extra for these projects definitely changes all of that! 

Painted shutter projects from my repurposed life

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