Painting Spring and Summer Planters in the Small Spray Shelter
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Charlotte Smith
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Project Steps

When you're planting colorful flowers this spring/summer season, it's essential that you have planters and pots that are equally as beautiful! At Charlotte's House had some simple planters that she transformed in no time with the help of the Small Spray Shelter. Now they are colorful, fun, and ready for the summer season!

updating and painting spring planters and pots

Updating the planters was easy. Charlotte popped open her Small Spray Shelter, set a planter inside, and spray painted it with a spray can! Charlotte did this for each of the planters until all of them were painted. The Small Spray Shelter makes this simple project even easier because it protects your surrounding area from overspray and also protects your project from dust. This makes it simple to paint in a garage, yard, or even indoors without fear of getting paint on your surroundings. 

painting spring planters with the small spray tent

In no time, Charlotte had gorgeous, colorful planters. They are now proudly on display on her front porch. For more details on this easy project, head to Charlotte's blog or watch the video below!

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