Painting the Kitchen Before Hosting for the Holidays
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Christy Black
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • PaintStick EZ Twist
  • Interior Latex Paint
  • Angled Paint Brush

Project Steps


The holidays are just around the corner and more often than not, this is the time of year when I find myself frantically trying to get my house ready for guests.  While my visitors are generally very easy going and non-judgmental, of course I want things to look fresh and pulled together.

Since my last-minute holiday DIY's often involve paint (the guest room, dining room, and kitchen are usually the rooms that need a refresh), this is the time of year that I rely on my PaintStick EZ Twist. It saves me so much time because I don't have to constantly reload my roller with paint (a lifesaver when I'm up on a ladder or painting a ceiling!). It also minimizes the mess and number of supplies that I need when I'm painting.  

Read more about the PaintStick EZ Twist {here} or purchase your own {here} via our sponsored link.

Step 1

I've been intending to paint my kitchen for a year and a half.  While the existing color in there was fine, it's a dark room and I wanted to lighten things up a bit.  I also wanted the paint to be the same color throughout our living room, dining room, and kitchen, since all three areas are open to each other. The paint color I used throughout is Valspar's Oatlands Subtle Taupe.

The PaintStick is so easy to use that I pull it out for every paint project, whether large or small.  When I paint a kitchen, I spend a lot of time cutting in edges around appliances and cabinets, so by the time I get to the walls, I want them to be finished as quickly as possible!

Step 2

The PaintStick draws paint directly from the can and holds it in the handle, eliminating mess and the need for a traditional roller and tray.  It also saves a TON of time since you're not constantly needing to reload your roller with paint.  All you do is draw the paint into the handle of the PaintStick using the fill tube and attach the spatter cover. 

Next, twist the handle to push the paint down into the perforated roller cover.  As soon as the roller absorbs enough paint, you're ready to start painting! 

Step 3

After painting your room at lightning-fast speed, simply remove the roller and push any unused paint back into the can.  You can wash and reuse the perforated rollers, but I always throw my rollers away and just buy a new one {available here} for my next project. 

Since the twistable handle allows me to control the flow of paint, I find that I usually get single coat coverage, which is another big time saver since I'm usually painting a day or two before my guests arrive!

Step 4

The last step of any successful project is always to step back and admire your finished work. Now that this long overdue project is complete, I love how my rooms flow into one another.  Since our home is small, even the visual illusion of extra space is helpful!

For more tips on using the PaintStick EZ Twist, "after" photos of my kitchen, and a giveaway, please visit us at 11 Magnolia Lane, and happy DIY'ing this holiday season!

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