Painting Walls with the PaintStick EZ-Twist
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Ruthie Tabone
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Paint
  • drop cloths
  • PaintStick EZ-Twist
  • Screw driver

Project Steps


I’m getting ready a little early for the biannual One Room Challenge. It’s a 6 week challenge where many participate and makeover one room and show their progress along the way. This time around I decided to give my older daughter’s room a little facelift. First things first - I needed to touch up the walls. They weren’t in terrible shape but they had scratches from the crib rubbing on the walls and holes in the walls from pictures. Since she is out of her crib we moved around the furniture a little bit and I wanted to give it a nice new, clean look. I decided to use Sherwin-Williams Harmony paint in the color White Dogwood. I also added some paint crystals to add a little sparkle to the walls! 

Step 1

Make sure your paint is nicely stirred and ready to use. Once stirred it is time to load your PaintStick EZ-Twist. Attach your fill tube to your paint can and it’s best to put it on the opposite side of the handle so it’s easy to pick up and move the paint can. Attach PaintStick to the fill tube at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2

Unlock the PaintStick EZ-Twist by pushing down on the lever to allow paint to be sucked into the PaintStick EZ-Twist.

Step 3

When bringing the paint into your PaintStick EZ-Twist you may get a few bubbles with the first suction. Simply push it back down into the paint gently to release those bubbles and then pull the paint back in again.

Step 4

Now it’s time to paint! Make sure to lock the paint stick before rolling by pushing the lever back up. You need to twist a large amount of paint from the stick to saturate the roller. You will start to see the paint coming through in a dot formation.

Step 5

Once your roller is saturated get rolling and you can paint a large area before having to refill your roller. You add more paint to your roller by twisting the stick clockwise.

PaintStick EZ-Twist

Step 6

Once you run out of the paint within the roller then refill and repeat! I was finished painting the entire room within a half hour or a little less! Stay tuned and you can see the final reveal in May!

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