Painting Your Home Exterior
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Mary Hunnicutt
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Project Steps


After living in the same home for a few years, sometimes you just get the itch to change things up a bit. That's how Mary with Real Girl's Realm and her husband felt about the color of their home exterior. With a few tools, they managed to transform their home in just a couple of weekends!

Step 1

Pick your paint

Picking the new color for your home is the most fun part about this project, but Mary notes that you need to be careful. Depending on the lighting, the color of your paint may look different once it's on your home. To avoid this, take a few sample swatches from the paint store to hold up to your home until you choose the perfect one. 

Step 2

Clean and repair

Next, trim back your bushes to allow for painting space and then power wash your entire house to remove dirt and loose paint. Be sure to replace any rotting wood, recaulk your windows if needed, scrape off flaking paint, and cover any areas that you don't want painted. Mary says that cleaning and repairing takes more time than actually painting!

Step 3

Paint your home

Mary used the Power-Flo Pro airless paint sprayer to paint her home. This paint sprayer makes painting your home a breeze and it lays down a great finish! Be sure to remove any painter's tape on your home before the paint fully dries. 

Step 4

Enjoy your new home!

Once you're all done, step back and marvel at the fact that you gave your house new curb appeal all by yourself without having to hire a contractor! For more details on how Mary did this project, head over to her blog. 

Updating your home exterior with a power flo pro airless paint sprayer

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