Pallet Wood Gift Idea for Him
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Project Steps

Father's Day is just around the corner, which means now is the time to make a special gift for the father(s) in your life! For this project, the HomeRight gals got together and created handmade pallet signs with our own personalized phrases. 

We started by gathering our materials. For this project you'll need:


-Stain of your choice

-3" Shape Stainer OR 5" Fence Stainer OR Super Finish Max to apply the stain

-Bowl/tray for stain

-Cricut, Vinyl, and Transfer Paper

-Hooks/Twine to hang pallets (if needed)

supplies needed for pallet wood project

We started by choosing which stain we wanted to use. There were so many to choose from! In the end, we all went with either dark walnut or black. 

Different stains used

Once we chose which stain we wanted to use, we applied the stain with the 3" Shape Stainer. The 5" Fence Stainer or Super Finish Max paint sprayer would also be perfect for applying the stain! With the 3" Shape Stainer, the stain was easily applied and conformed to the shape of our hands. 

Staining the pallet

After staining both the front and back of the pallet and in between the cracks, we let the pallets dry overnight. 

Let the pallet dry overnight

Now for the fun part: pick a phrase to put on your pallet! We wanted our pallets to be Father's Day themed so we all came up with a phrase that related to our family or dads in general. Using the Cricut, we created a design and had it cut onto vinyl paper. 

Next, we weeded out the design and attached it to the transfer paper. We removed the backing on the vinyl and then placed our phrase on the wooden pallet. After removing the transfer paper, the phrase remained on the wood and our pallets were complete! We customized our pallets further by adding photos of our family and using twine to hang the pallets. 

DIY pallet wood sign

easy handmade pallet sign

This project would be perfect for Father's Day, Mother's Day, or any time you need a customized gift! There are endless possibilities for phrases you can place on the sign so have fun with it! 



Pallet wood gift idea

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