Perfectly Distressed Painted Nightstands
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Gail Wilson
Monday, March 4, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Paint
  • Cleaner/Degreaser

Project Steps

Just because you buy a new bed, it doesn’t mean you have to replace your perfectly good outdated nightstands. This easy project will have you thinking twice about replacing furniture or just dealing with something you’re no longer happy with. Using the Super Finish Max and Milk Paint, this pair of nightstands will be transformed right before your eyes.


vintage black nightstands with gentle distressing

 Updating the original nightstands means a savings of about $500. 

old nightstands before

A quick look at the before.

vintage black nightstands after

Ohh, so much better! 

Let's see how we got there: 

dust and wash furniture prior to using a paint sprayer

Your first step to any furniture painting project should be cleaning. Use a dust brush to whisk away dirt particles, then a cleaner/degreaser to wipe away dirt, grime and any residual furniture wax left behind. Depending on the paint you use, you may need to do a light sanding. That was not the case with the paint used on these nightstands.

Super Finish Max paints nightstands

Remove hardware and prepare to paint. Raising your project off the ground will give you more control over where your paint is applied. For these nightstands, the goal is a vintage black with gentle distressing.

One light coat of paint was sprayed on the pair of nightstands. The paint dried very quickly, and a wet distressing was done right away on various areas.

clean nozzle between coats

The original nozzle (green 2.0 mm)  was used to make sure a very light coat of paint was applied. Wiping off the nozzle in between coats is easy if you remove the air cap.

after distressing base coat

After the distressing was done on the base coat, a second light coat was added with the Super Finish Max.

distressing with wet cloth

Distressing with a wet cloth is best done with a light touch, however with a good quality paint and the professional finish from this sprayer, it may take a little more effort.

use finish max paint sprayer for hardware

Did you know that you can spray your hardware with your Finish Max?

nightstand hardware painted with a Finish Max Paint Sprayer

This method works great if you want your hardware to match your furniture project.

clean finish max with water

When the job was finished, the paint cup was washed with water, then filled with clean water to spray through the pickup tube and nozzle.

cleaning a Finish Max paint sprayer

Cleaning your paint sprayer thoroughly after each use will insure it’s ready to work for you again on your next project.

Please visit My Repurposed Life  for more details on finishing the Vintage Black Nightstands. You will learn tips on further distressing and waxing your furniture project for the perfect finish!

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Best Way to Quickly and Easily Distress Furniture Using a HomeRight Paint Sprayer

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