Pit Barrel Barbeque Ribs with The HomeRight ElectroLight Firestarter
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Monday, July 23, 2018

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One thing I love about the height of summer is the warm nights, and being able to fire up the barbeque. Since my husband discovered pit barrel cooking a few years ago, Pit Barrel Barbeque Ribs are a favorite around here! My hubby adds fun wood like Maple, and Oak to the smoke for different flavors, and he always finishes them with some of our favorite Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. We add a side of corn, and coleslaw, and it’s the perfect summer meal! Recipes that would go great with ribs are pickled beets with onions, and summer-time baked beans from scratch.

The struggle with the pit barrel cooker, is lighting the charcoal. Before using the HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter, it involved bunching up paper underneath, trying to get it lit with a match, and then getting it hot enough for the coals to all catch. With the ElectroLight Fire Starter, it’s easy to get the charcoal to catch fairly quickly, and easily, with minimal mess! That means a faster time to cooking, and eating ribs!

*Always thoroughly read through the directions for proper use, and safety guide of the HomeRight ElectroLight Fire Starter, and the Pit Barrel Cooker, or any grill used, always use with proper equpitment.*

Prepare the Ribs Beforehand
Prep the ribs and have them ready to go in the refrigerator before lighting the coals (Directions below). In our family, we figure about ¾ slab per person with sides for a serving.
HomeRight electrolight fire and charcoal starter c900046
Use the ElectroLight
Use the Pit Barrel Cookers Co. recommendations for using the chimney starter, and lighting and placing the charcoal. This is where the ElectroLight really comes in handy. 
Lighting charcoal with a fire starter
Light the Charcoal
After reading the instructions on safe operation, hold the Fire Starter close to the charcoal. It heats up to almost 1300 degrees, and in under a minute, a few chunks in the middle are glowing and flaming! Let it sit a few minutes, to catch the rest of the charcoal, before adding to the cooker or grill.
How to light charcoal the easy way by using a fire charcoal starter
Place Coals in Cooker
After placing the lit coals carefully in the cooker with the rest of the charcoal, add the soaked wood chips on top. After a few minutes, the cooker is ready to cook the prepared ribs!
Charcoal in chimney starter
To Prepare the Ribs
First, soak two cups of maple wood chips in enough water to cover. These will go on the hot coals to impart a flavor to the smoke. Different wood chips will add different tastes to the smoke. Some other woods to try would be Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan and even apple wood. 
Sugar maple wood chips for best bbq ribs recipe
Remove Skin From Ribs
To prepare the ribs, remove any membrane from the back, which can be tough and chewy. Give the ribs a quick rinse, and a pat dry with paper towel. 
How to remove skin on ribs
Lather in Brown Sugar and Seasoning 
Rub the ribs with brown sugar, then apply a liberal coating of Pit Barrel or similar all-purpose BBQ seasoning.
brown sugar on ribs
Rubbing in brown sugar on ribs
Adding seasoning to ribs
Hang in Cooker
Place ribs on hooks that will hang on bars in the cooker. 
Cooking ribs in pit barrel cooker
Cook Until Perfect
Carefully monitoring the temperature with a remote thermometer, cook the ribs to a recommended temperature of between 190 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  At 190 degrees Fahrenheit, remove ribs briefly, keeping on hooks, to coat in favorite barbeque sauce, and return to cooker for approximately 20-30 minutes until sauce is slightly  caramelized. 
Best BBQ rib recipe in pit barrel cooker
Enjoy the Ribs!
Remove ribs from cooker/grill, and allow to rest on a large cutting board for about 10 minutes. Re-sauce with fresh sauce from bottle, and allow to cool slightly before cutting ribs apart, and enjoy!!!
BBQ ribs in pit barrel cooker with carmalized sauce
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Best pit barrel bbq rib recipe that you can make with the homeright electrolight fire and charcoal starter

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