Preparing for the Holidays by Stacy Risenmay from Not Just a Housewife
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Stacy Risenmay
Friday, December 11, 2015

Project Steps

Christmas is the only time of year that I switch out my regular throw pillows and add holiday themed pillows. I don't go crazy with holiday decor, and so I love that by adding the seasonal pillows it really adds so much without having to put a lot of work into the decor. While not in use, they are stored in plastic bins in the garage.


When I pull them out they look like this.... a hot wrinkled mess. And since they have lived in the garage I tend to worry about how clean they are. Some I could probably throw in the washer (although they will come out more wrinkled than before) but the ones with decorative details, like sequins, I don't dare wash in the machine.


  My solution? I steam them! It gets the wrinkles out and it freshens them up.


  And the best part is that is doesn't take very long.


 The steamer is also great for steaming the wrinkles out of tablecloths and your special dress for all your holiday entertaining. Actually, this little guy can clean your whole house (bathrooms, tile, oven, windows, rugs, carpets, curtains, counter tops, etc.)   What would you steam in order to get ready for the holidays?


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