Pretty Up Your Patio for the Holidays
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Skaie Knox
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Project Steps

T’is the season to clad our curb appeal with all things happy and bright. But, what if last year’s decorations (or the year before that) aren’t looking so delightful?

No worries! For a deck-the-halls refresh (or would deck-the-deck be more appropriate?), today’s post offers several tips and projects to pretty up your patio for the holidays using only a few store-bought items and stuff you probably already have around the house.


#1. Door Decor

Make your door jolly with a handmade wreath using cuttings from your garden (or a neighbor’s). Tip: be sure to ask if you can “borrow” a few cuttings to keep the spirit bright!



  • 12” or 16” embroidery hoop (available at Joann’s Fabric or Michael’s)

  • Boxwood cuttings

  • hot glue gun

  • red beads from broken ornaments or faux berries

  • small pine cones (dropped from pine trees and readily available this time of year)

  • Twine

  • Optional: faux bird or forest animal


1. Hot glue cuttings around the front edge of your embroidery hoop.

2.Add a faux bird with included wire.

3. Hot glue three sets of  beads or berries and pine cones around the hoop.

4. Tie twine to top of embroidery hoop where it screws together and hang.

#2. Wrap Your Railing

It’s almost as if railings were designed to be wrapped with greenery, berries and lights! You can easily find these items (in faux) at an inexpensive cost this time of year. Oh, and an added bonus with faux decorative “fixings” is that you can reuse them again and again. Tip: be sure to store them individually in plastic ziploc bags or bins to keep them organized and neatly put away.


  • faux greenery

  • faux berries

  • white Lights


1.Start with the greenery as the base.

2. Lay and intertwine the faux berries on, then under, then over your greenery to save money. Not wrapping the berries, also gives your railing different dimension and texture.

3. Wrap your lights. Tip: be sure the keep the “male” end closest to your power source.

#3. Deck out your Patio Deck

  1. Trim your planters.


Make use of planters, pots and plants you have currently placed on your patio and simply wrap with tinsel or faux greenery, then add ornaments. Tip: twisty ties are great to make the initial and finishing tying-up of the greenery or tinsel neat and easy.

   B. Add a handmade sign.


Scrap wood, a printer, chalk and paint is all you’ll need to make your own custom-designed sign. Simply print out your lettering, scribble chalk on the back of the paper, then trace it right-side down onto your wood. Paint letters any color you wish, sand to distress, then add your bell!

C. Add poinsettias to wooden boxes and tin pails.


Let’s face it, that red tin foil stores use to wrap the plastic poinsettia pots is kinda cheesy. By simply placing them into a wooden box or tin pail you’ll instantly elevate their charm and decorative character.

#4. Merry Up your Mailbox (and Other Outdoor Furniture)

With such a Merry and bright mailbox, your postal carrier will enjoy stopping at your house this holiday season. If you have a bench or any other furniture, decorating these added areas will raise the “festive factor” tenfold!

If you’d like to add a piece of outdoor furniture to your patio or front garden, check out how I created this “neighbor’s nook” where I built and painted a bench just for them with my favorite DIY tool, the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer.

To adorn, you can easily use faux greenery, berries, old tinsel and ornaments. Yes, and battery-operated lights are fantastic for lighting up areas and items where there’s no electrical box in sight!



  • Faux greenery or tinsel

  • Ornaments

  • Faux berries (to tie in your railings!)

  • Battery operated lights (I used Philips battery operated dewdrop lights - available at Target or Amazon)

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