Quick & Easy Project After the Holidays
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Ruthie Tabone
Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • PaintStick EZ Twist
  • Paint

Project Steps


Right before Christmas, I decided to take on the task of painting our guest bathroom.  This bathroom has always been a bothersome to me and I've never really liked it.  It had brown woodwork and trim, linoleum flooring and a standup shower.  A few months ago we removed the cabinet over the toilet and I painted the sink cabinet.  It made the bathroom feel a little bit better but I knew a fresh coat of paint would really help freshen up the room!

Step 1

I knew the quickest and easiest way to get the bathroom done in a hurry was to use my PaintStick EZ Stick.  Before I got to painting with the PaintStick I started by cutting in around the woodwork, shower and ceiling.  I am using Benjamin Moore Natura® Paint in White Dove. 

The funny thing is I always thought that the tile in the shower was an off-white color.  Once I cut in around the tiles it suddenly looked tan.  I may have to do something about that in the future. :)

Step 2

I am leaving the wall behind the toilet and sink unpainted for the moment because I'm going to be adding black subway tile all the way up the wall.

I did one quick coat the night before and every time you paint a wall white it will need 2-3 coats.  I love the look of a crisp white wall but going from a colored wall to a white wall isn't my favorite thing to do.  I always love the end result though!    

Step 3

To start you will need to fill the PaintStick with the universal fill tube.  It clips onto the paint can and you put the top of the tube into the paint stick.

Step 4

A great feature on the PaintStick is that it comes with a Splatter Shield.  Make sure to clip the Splatter Shield on before you start to fill the PaintStick.  That way it's ready to use right away after the PaintStick is full.

Step 5

To fill the PaintStick, you twist the handle and paint will start filling into the tube.  Once you have the tube filled you are ready to paint!

Step 6

Before applying the roller to the wall you will want to twist the PaintStick in the opposite direction you filled it.  This will allow the paint to reach the roller.  You will twist the stick quite a few times before you see paint seeping through the roller.  Once you see some paint you can start rolling!

Step 7

The paint will go a long way before you need to twist the roller again.  It truly is amazing.  Every time I use it I can't believe how much square footage you can cover with one full roller.  The room is now finished and it's time to get ready to paint the other wall with primer to prepare for the new tiles!

I hope you all had a great Holiday and looking forward to sharing projects with you monthly on HomeRight.  Have an amazing New Year's celebration with your friends and family.  I'd love for you to follow along with me at Refashionably Late to see the final transformation of this guest bathroom!


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