Re-Beautify Your Backyard for Spring Entertaining
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Skaie Knox
Thursday, April 27, 2017

Project Steps


Along with the arrival of spring, comes the season of outdoor entertaining. How exciting is it to start planning our al fresco gatherings with friends and family whom we’ve been mostly calling, emailing and/or Facetiming these past few months! To make this seasonal soiree transition, I thought I’d offer a super simple guide to re-beautify your backyard. By ticking off a few or every item on this list, you’ll be springtime-ready (and even on into summer!) to be the mostest host or on!

Step 1

Clear Out

After a winter of rain, snow and wind, it’s important to clear out your backyard patio deck. Why? By this time, critters tiny and not-so-small have most likely taken shelter in your furniture and BBQ areas. With everything moved out, you can really get down to some serious cleaning. 

Step 2

Clean, Scrub ‘n Dust

Rule #1 to beautifying? Clean! Now that your patio deck is cleared out, you can easily tackle this task. Start by a good deck washing - if you’ve got a brick one like ours, you’ll want to clean up all those mud and dirt-attracting cracks and crevice to ready it up for flip-flops and bare feet! Next, dust off your BBQ, any cabinets, chairs and tables. Tip: pipe in some upbeat tunes to add some fun, and for some additional tips on cleaning, hop onto this HomeRight post, “Spring Into Cleaning One Room at a Time in No Time”. Oh, and for a super-quick start to your BBQ briquets (seriously, 2-3 minutes!), you’ve gotta try the Electro-Light Fire Starter by HomeRight. Don’t forget your cushions! After months of being stored away, they’ll need a good scrub! Here’s my easy-peasy recipe for cleaning cushions...once dried, they’ll be patio perked-up for park’n it!

Step 3

Re-Refurbish Outdoor Furniture

For some of you, this may be optional. For me, it was definitely compulsory! My lovely curbside-found deck chairs, refurbished into a cute bench had seen and weathered quite a few storms these past few years. It was time they received some love. Luckily, it took only about an hour to dust it, sand down some rough edges, paint, then stain the wood. I was shocked how easy it was to re-refurbish it! I also did the same with our patio chairs. It’s amazing what a little sanding and spray paint can do to revitalize outdoor furniture!

Step 4

Fresh’n Up Greenery

When it comes to winter, Mother Nature is kind of a bit*h! Right? I know she doesn’t mean to mess with our greenery, but, it’s the facts of nature. Take this time to have a stroll through your garden, along with pots and planters, and prune away dead leaves and flowers. Add new annuals to brighten your perennials which will bring a smile to this space as well.

Step 5

Add Drought-Friendly Ground Cover

Living with two doggies and having dirt patches in our backyard, means mud being dragged into just about every room in our home. We finally decided to lay down decomposed granite (see video) which not only saves on indoor sweeping time, it looks fantastic! Other drought-friendly ground covering options include pebbles, river rocks, artificial turf, gravel (which now comes in all kinds of colors and sizes making this an affordable and versatile landscaping choice), bark or wood chips, periwinkle, sedum ternatum, bugleweed and even hazelnut shells that deter pets, slugs, and weeds! Now that’s nuts!

Step 6


Now comes the fun part! Add bright pops of color and social spaces by way of pillows, towels, cut flowers, benches, hammocks, tree stump stools, fire pits, lights and tables and chairs. Visit your local box stores or hop online for an endless array of outdoor decor pieces. Oh, and don’t forget the food and drink...they make the best decorations of all!

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