Repurposed Table Turned Christmas Tree
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Larissa Haynes
Thursday, December 6, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Small Spray Shelter
  • HomeRight Turn Table
  • HomeRight Heat Gun
  • Old table parts (or scrap wood)
  • Spray paint in color of choice
  • Ornaments, bells, ribbon for decorations
  • Scrap wood

Project Steps


During the holidays you can easily head to the big box stores to fill your cart with festive decor, right? But, what if instead you created your own? It's fun, budget-friendly, and will totally impress your guests. It doesn't take much time, especially if you have the right tools to help. Take for instance how I made use a repurposed Christmas tree out of a table I found sitting on my neighbor's trash pile. Let the DIY fun begin!

Step 1

Find Your Furniture Piece

Your neighbors may look at you weird when you a piece of furniture from their trash pile, but I find it's a great time to chat. I ask permission to take out things that I feel still have potential and we get to discuss the story behind the pieces they feel are not worth anything anymore.

This particular table had some scented oils dumped on it and candle wax build up, but for the most part was just worn and in great shape. While I originally grabbed it just to save it from the landfill, I ended up seeing more potential that I originally thought. You can also create this using scrap wood too. Let the fun times begin!

Step 2

Disassemble the Table

If you look at the table in a different light, you see solid wood turned legs and feet, and 3 trianglular shelves. Here is the table in disassembled state just waiting for a new life. Those turned legs make for so many great projects as I'll share in a bit.

Meanwhile, I'm going to first focus on the shelves. They are made of pressed wood wrapped in a vinyl veneer edge. Nothing much to look at, but they are still wood and have potential.

Step 3

Fill the Holes

To get those shelves ready for what I had envisioned for them (becoming a funky, rustic Christmas tree), I needed to tweak them a bit. First, I filled the holes with wood filler and let cure. Once cured, I sanded down the wood filler and and flaws that needed tending.

Step 4

Assemble to Shape a Tree

Next, I used a scrap piece of wood as a "trunk" and attached my triangular shaped shelves to it starting at the bottom and working my way up. Building it that way made sure my screws would be hidden under each layer.

I also added a piece of firewood log to the bottom as a base. It was a piece of log that was already in half, and then cut to length. I attached the log base from behind with screws so, again, my hardware would be hidden.

Step 5

Secure the Pieces

Once I had the tree assembled from behind, I added a couple of brads to the front and filled the nail holes in with wood filler as well.  By adding the brads my repurposed Christmas tree had more stability. I sanded the wood filler spots and then moved on to the next step.

Step 6

Stain the Wood

Since my end vision was a rustic Christmas tree, I wanted the base color to peek out from the paint I'm about to use. I picked a stain to apply to refresh the wood and deepen the color as well. I let it soak in for about 5 minutes and then wiped off any excess. Let cure for a about 20 minutes.

Step 7

Paint the Tree

Next, I apply a bit of crackle medium to the spots I wanted to look time-worn. Just brush it on and let cure. Now it's time for the fun part...PAINT! :) Typically, you get the crackle effect when you apply a thick coat of paint and let it dry. The best part is that if you use a Heat Gun to advance the curing, the deeper the cracks.

Step 8

Use the Small Spray Shelter and TurnTable

I say paint is the fun part because at this point your creative vision can come to life. As I mentioned, the right tools make creating your own holiday decor a breeze. The HomeRight products are easy to use, fast to set up, and quick to clean. You can see how I've used the HomeRight products in dozens of projects on my blog HERE. 

To get started painting, I popped up my Small Spray Shelter and placed my Turn Table inside. Then, I placed my little Christmas tree on the Turn Table. This makes it easy to catch all sides with a spin of the Turn Table. My color of choice was a flat white spray paint, but you could use whatever color and finish you like.

Step 9

Create Cracks with a Heat Gun

I apply a heavy coat of paint because I want the best aged look in my layering. Before the paint has time to cure on its own, I use my HomeRight Heat Gun (the Dual Temp. version can be found HERE) to cause the paint the cure fast, creating deep cracks and mottling of the paint. Crazy I want it to look old, right? haha.

Step 10

Decorate the Tree

Last, my paint has dried, and it's time to add some embelishments. Yay! First, I used a bit of sandpaper to create more texture, and then highlighted the texture with brushing on some dark brown wax. For added fun, I used lengths of twine as garland decorated with jingle bells and strips of ticking fabric. Oh, and don't forget to add a star. I created mine from a scrap piece of pallet wood and attached with a screw from behind.

Now we have a cute, rustic repurposed Christmas tree that will please you, your family, and friends. This would make a great gift too! While you may not have a neighbor with a table in the trash, you can still create your own holiday home decor by looking at what is available to you in a different light. Getting your kids involved or having a craft party is a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Step 11

Oh, and in case you are wondering what I did with the rest of those table parts, stop on over to my blog, Prodigal Pieces, to see what became of those too. More holiday fun awaits! See you next time.

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Repurposed Table Turned Christams Tree with HomeRight Tools

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