Restore Your Beautiful Hardware with the HomeRight Heat Gun
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Skaie Knox
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Project Steps

Restore Your Beautiful Hardware with the HomeRight Heat Gun

Written and Photographed by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

HomeRight Heat Gun

One of the benefits of renting a 1948 beach bungalow is the ability to enjoy its character. Unfortunately, due to decades of paint on paint on paint, some of the charm, specifically  the hardware, is no longer visible, nor charming.
Removing paint from a medicine cabinet
Enter the HomeRight Heat Gun! With a touch of DIY adeptness and this wonderful tool, your home’s “jewelry” can be restored to its former glory. Here’s how:
• HomeRight’s Heat Gun
• leather gloves
• flathead screwdriver or sponge with scouring pad or brillo pad
1. Clean and remove hardware. If yours is like ours, you may not be able to remove your hardware or you may need to heat up the area covering the screws to do so. If not, make sure it’s clean of webs, dust or dirt to make this job easier.
Cleaning hardware on cabinet
2. Put on gloves, then begin heating hardware on low. If this is your first time using a heat gun, it’s good to start slowly to get the feel of the heat. If you’d like to speed up the process, increase the power.
Using the HomeRight Heat Gun 
 3. Look for bubbles in the paint. When you see the paint begin to bubble, you know you’re about ready to start scraping off the paint.
Removing paint bubbles
4. Scrape off paint. For smaller pieces, a flathead screwdriver might be easier to use. Note: some hardware will not be removable (like these hinges), so do the best you can to clean it - perfection is not necessarily the goal here.
Scraping paint off metal hardware
5. Clean your hardware. Once you’ve got most of the paint removed, you can take a toothpick to get into the crevasses, then clean off the rest with WD-40’s 3-IN-ONE Multipurpose Oil - it not only clean tools, it cleans hardware, beautifully. 
Cleaning with oil
After restoring our steel hinges, I continued making over our medicine cabinet. Isn’t it so bright and pretty now? 
The HomeRight heat gun can also be used to melt crayons, strip paint from furniture, decorate candles, and so much more!
Medicine cabinet makeover
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