Round Painted Table Gives Fresh Look to Breakfast Room
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Carol Lander
Thursday, March 29, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Finish Max Extra Paint Sprayer
  • HomeRight Small or Large spray Shelter
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint of choice
  • Wax or sealer of choice
  • Lint~free painter cloth
  • Buffing pad (optional)

Project Steps


The need for a new table for our breakfast room sparked this project. Our previous table was a square, heavy in form, and stained pub table. I thought that a round table might provide a softer fit with all the straight and diagonal lines in our open space kitchen/breakfast room/living room. Fortunately, we already had a beautiful glass~top petwer metal table base that was in our bedroom. We brought in that table into the breakfast room and lived with it ~ to test the round shape ~ for a couple of months. It became clear that round was definitely a better choice than square for the room. The glass top was 32 inches and we measured and decided that a 40 inch round table top would be big enough to sit 4 comfortablly, not too big for the available space. I love painted furniture and decided that a painted table top would be a nice contrast with the stained hardwood floors. 

A search on the Internet found a company that makes solid wood table tops in a variety of dimensions with a rounded edge. I ordered the 40~inch size. While waiting for the table top to arrive, I took a class in using Fusion Mineral Paints and I thought that paint would be a great option for my table top. I purchased a light, soft grey paint color. I wanted as smooth a finish as possible so I knew that using the Super Finish Max Extra paint sprayer would be the perfect way to apply the Fusion Mineral Paint. I set up my drop cloth and Small Spray Shelter in the garage. I lightly sanded the table on both sides and the rounded edges. I diluted the paint by 25% and set the sprayer to spray in a horizontal direction. In just a few minutes, the first side was done. It sprayed so evenly and lightly. I waited a couple of hours for the paint to thoroughly dry and repeated with a second coat. The coverage was great, allowing just a bit of the wood grain to come through. 

I decided I would paint the other side of the table white rather than leave it raw wood. I used a white Fusion Mineral Paint, repeating the same steps as I used on the first side, diluting the paint by 25% and spraying in a horizontal direction. While the second coat of paint dried, I cleaned my Super Finish Max Extra with just a little soap and water and stored it away for the next project.

As the finishing touch, I lightly sanded the grey table top with 220 sandpaper, wiped it down to remove any dust. I lightly waxed the table to seal it and then buffed it to give it a little bit of shine. The painting portion of this project took a couple of hours, the majority of which was drying time. The acutal painting was about 10 minutes.

The table turned out beautifully, just as I imagined it would. Had I painted it by hand, I don't think the result would have been such a smooth finish and it would definitely have taken much longer to complete the project.

Step 1

1. Prepare the painting area with a drop cloth (optional) and the HomeRight Spray Shelter.                                                                          

Step 2

2. Dilute your paint according to the HomeRight manual. Fill the paint jar. Assemble the Super Finish Max Extra with the correct nozzle for your project.

Step 3

3. Plug in your Super Finish Max Extra, using an extention cord. Begin spraying on the paint in the appropriate direction for your project, continually moving the sprayer for an even finish.

Step 4

4. Allow the first coat of paint to dry and repeat with a second coat.                                                                                                                                 

Step 5

5. While the second coat of paint is drying, clean your Super Finish Max Extra with soap and water, according to the instructions in the manual.

Step 6

6. Seal the table with wax of choice and buff it.                                                                                                                                             

Painting a dining room table with the super finish max paint sprayer

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