Save Money by Painting Your Own Bathroom Ceiling
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Wendi Wachtel
Monday, March 5, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Ceiling paint
  • PaintStick EZ-Twist
  • 2 ½” Paint Brush
  • Handheld small paint container
  • Painter's tape
  • Drop cloths, light plastic and heavy canvas
  • Painter's rags
  • Ladder

Project Steps


We just finished adding skylights in our master bath.  One of the ways I was able to save some money off of the bill was to finish the ceiling myself and paint my own ceilings.  I’ve put together this post and video (see below) on how to paint ceilings, so others can see how easy it is to fearlessly tackle a job like painting a ceiling.  It’s honestly not so complicated when you have a little know-how and the right equipment.   

Step 1

Protect surfaces.  

Tape off vents, and other ceiling items.  Light plastic drop cloths are great to protect walls, mirrors, furniture and glass shower walls.  Heavy canvas drop cloths are perfect to protect floors and stay in place well.  Garbage bags are great for covering ceiling fans and light fixtures that won’t be removed before painting. 

Step 2

Cut in edges. 

Start in the middle of the ceiling and cut in all taped-off areas. Use a 2 ½” brush and a small paint container you can hold in your hand to hold the paint.  Next, cut in all of the edges and areas where the PaintStick EZ-Twist won’t fit. If you have water stains or other ceiling stains, use a primer like Bin Sealer to seal and prime the area before painting.  

Step 3

Load the Paint Stick EZ-Twist. 

Begin painting in the center of the room.  Be sure to always keep a wet edge when painting and go over each area in different directions.  If you’re working on a larger ceiling, make one pass from one wall to the other to smooth out the paint application after the initial paint layer has been applied.  Let paint dry.

Step 4

Apply a second coat.  

Let paint dry to the touch before applying a second coat of paint in the same order as the first coat.                                                          

Step 5

Remove the tape and drop cloths

Remove all of the painter’s tape when the paint is dry to the touch.  Last, remove the drop cloths.                                                                  

Step 6

It’s amazing how a freshly painted ceiling makes an area seem so clean and bright!  Painting ceilings has never been so easy as it is with the PaintStick EZ-Twist.

I hope you enjoyed this project and thanks for reading! I'm Wendi with H2OBungalow. My job is to inspire you to create a style in your home that's true to you. I'm a DIY'er through and through. I share hundreds of tutorials in home improvement and home decor on my blog that will help you create a home you love without breaking the bank.

Want to learn how easy it is to paint your bathroom ceiling? Watch this video by H2O Bungalow for the details, or read the post above! Also, be sure to pin this post to save for later. You never know when you'll want to repaint your ceiling!


Painting a master bathroom ceiling with the PaintStick EZ-Twist

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