Simple (and quick!) Thanksgiving Decor
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Larissa Haynes
Thursday, November 16, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Small Spray Shelter
  • Spray mask or respirator
  • Picture frame
  • Hardboard or similar - cut to size
  • Spray paint in color of choice for frame
  • Spray paint in flat black
  • Utility knife, hacksaw, or jigsaw
  • Staples, nails, or points driver
  • Tape

Project Steps


Looking for some simple last-minute Thanksgiving decor ideas? Grab that dusty old picture sitting in the garage and give it a whole new purpose. This project is all about budget-savvy fun for everyone. Let's get our DIY on!

Step 1

This project is super simple and will make a lovely part of your holiday decor. The best part is that it can be used for every day too! First, disassemble your picture frame by removing and unwanted artwork and the glass, if present, and set aside - you will need those later. Remove any staples or other hardware that is present as well. You can leave the hanger if you intend to hang your project when you are done.

Step 2

Pop open your Small Spray Shelter and place your frame on an empty box or some other raised surface. I like to use a lazy susan covered in paper so that I can turn my frame easily.

Step 3

Using your spray paint of choice and a mask or respirator, give the frame a nice even coat by starting to spray before you hit the frame and continue off of it. Let cure for about 30 minutes and give it a second coat, if desired.

Step 4

While your spray paint is curing, it's time to create the chalkboard part of our last-minute art. Take the artwork or glass you set aside and place it on your hardboard. Trace, and then either cut/score the hardboard with a utility knife, hacksaw, or jigsaw to the size you need. I used a remnant piece of hardboard from a previous project and it works fine. You can purchase the hardboard in varied thicknesses at your local home improvement store. They come in smaller sizes, but I like to buy the 4' x 8' sheets as I use it often and it gets you more bang for your buck.

Step 5

Place your cut hardboard in the small spray shelter and give it a first coat of your flat black spray paint. No need for the expensive "chalkboard" paints. Flat black paint works just as well. Let it cure and give it one or two more coats, allowing to cure in between.

Step 6

Next, take your chalk and rub it long side down all over your painted chalkboard. This primes the chalkboard for repeated use. Use a dry cloth to wipe clean.

Step 7

After all pieces are cured, it's time to reassemble. Put your frame face-down and insert your chalkboard black side down into the frame. Secure with a points driver (as shown) or staples, glazier's points, or small nails. You can cover the back with paper or fabric, or even leave it as-is. Totally up to you how to complete it. 

Step 8

Since this is a versatile piece, you can create any art you want in a software program or grab a freebie off the internet. For Thanksgiving, I've created this one for you that you can print off HERE. To transfer any image to your chalkboard, simple print it onto basic office paper, and place it on window. Trace and color over all the letters with a piece of chalk.

Step 9

Now take your chalk-coated transfer paper and place it where you want it on your chalkboard. Tape it down to keep it from shifting during transfer. Using a colored pencil, trace over the letters, outlining them (no need to press hard, lighter tracing works fine). This transfers the chalk design to your chalkboard. 

Step 10

Remove your transfer carefully. To fill in the design, use a basic pencil sharpener to sharper your chalk. Again, no need for expensive pencils to get the job done. Fill in the the desing as you see fit. To sharpen up the lines, you can use a cotton swab to wipe away and excess dust that may have shown. If you like, you can even use craft paint to make this a permanent feature and paint in as desired.

Step 11

And you're done! Now you have a beautiful piece to greet your guests and family, and you can even change it up for the next holiday...Christmas! Chalkboards are fun in most every room of the house and make for great gifts too. They really are easy to whip up using cast-off wall art as the base. Everything in this vignette is either thrifted or handmade, so be sure to stop by the thrift store to score some budget-friendly decor. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Come see me at my blog for more DIY tips and tutorials at Happy Thanksgiving!!

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