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Saturday, February 20, 2016
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Car wash tips - how to clean interiors with steam.Giving your car a good spring cleaning doesn't stop at the exterior. After months of running through a car wash to help combat the salt, the inside sometimes gets overlooked because it's just not quite warm enough to tackle a deep auto detailing. Those odd warmer days in the beginning of spring are perfect seizing the opportunity to give a car a good spring cleaning inside and out. While the exterior cleaning is pretty basic, you might want to consider trying steam to deep clean the interior as well. These six tips to clean your car with steam might help you get started:


Car wash tips - how to clean interiors with steam.

  1. Cleaning leather seats: Let's face it - with kids (and grandkids) hanging out in the back seat, accidents are going to happen. You might be surprised at the results when you clean them with steam. Even seemingly clean leather seats build up grim in the grain you might not notice. Using SteamMachine to give the seats a good blast with the brush attachment, then wipe it off with a soft towel. Once all the seats are clean, give them a good coat of leather conditioner to help keep them soft and take care of the leather. Of course, you don't want to over steam leather, but once a year or so is a great way to keep the grime off and help them keep their luster.
  2. Deep cleaning carpets/floor mats: Salt from winter plus regular old dust and grime can take a toll on carpets, and steam cleaning is a great way to eliminate all the gunk. First use a shop vac to clean up lose dust/dirt. Then use the SteamMachine to clean the carpet, working in small areas. Immediately after you clean an area, use the shop vac again to pull all the moisture from the steam out of the carpet. Car wash tips - how to clean interiors with steam.
  3. Cupholders (plus all those other hard to clean areas): Coffee spills, gunk builds, and it can all get pretty messy pretty fast. Then all that mess can be hard to clean, but so use steam to get into all those nooks and crannies. Holding a towel underneath to catch drips, use the nozzle on the SteamMachine to thoroughly clean it, then use the towel to wipe away all the grime.
  4. Taking care of door panels: The door handle and panels get a lot of daily contact and all the oils from your skin can build up on it. Wiping it down helps somewhat, but blasting through all of that grime gets them so much cleaner. Plus, the hand hold grip can be difficult to clean, so just blast it all away with the nozzle and wipe it out with a soft cloth. If you have leather door panels, make sure to wipe those areas with leather conditioner to keep it in good shape.
  5. Making windows bright: Steam has been used to clean glass a long time - it's especially good for cutting through soap scum on glass shower doors. So use the same steam power to clean the windows in your car. You might be surprised to see how much residue is left behind when using spray cleaners. Steaming them means you not only get off all that residue, but you're not leaving more behind to attract even more dirt after you're done.Car wash tips - how to clean interiors with steam.
  6. Door jambs: Of all the things you can clean, these often get overlooked. It's the "half in/half out" part of your car that gets a lot of outside exposure, yet is technically an inside area. The road dust and grime gets up into those nooks and crannies, especially on the threshold area. Using steam to blast all of that away and wipe it up with a soft cloth can make it look as good as new in only a couple of minutes.

Isn't it amazing the things you can clean with steam? Once you've made it all the way through your car, it might look even better than the day you bought it.

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