Spray Painted Boho Basket with the HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Basket
  • Painter's Tape
  • DecoArt Satin Enamels in Navy Blue
  • Painter's Tarp or Drop Cloth
  • Small 2 inch Soft Bristled Paint Brush

Project Steps


Boho baskets are currently a super-hot trend. They can be used for everything from large plants and storage for extra blankets, to keeping shoes organized by the front door. Using the HomeRight Super Finish Max Sprayer to create a dip-dyed look on a plain basket can add a custom, and stylish touch to your décor, or even revitalize an old basket laying around the house.

Step 1

Always thoroughly read through the directions for proper use, and safe operation of the HomeRight Super Finish Max Sprayer. Pick a windless day, with low humidity to spray your basket, or use one of the many spray tents that HomeRight carries for your project (LARGE or SMALL). Prep your basket by dusting, and then using a heavy duty, super tacky painter’s tape that will stick along the rough surface of the basket.

Step 2

Tape around the bottom of the basket about 4-6 inches above the base, keeping it as even as possible. Press the tape firmly into the ridges of the basket to help keep any paint from bleeding under.

Step 3

After taping the initial line, a helpful tip is to use a contractor’s size garbage bag, taped around the top of the other tape, to protect the rest of the basket from overspray. 

Step 4

Use the HomeRight Super Finish Max Sprayer to spray the basket. A narrower spray pattern may help, and prevent overspray and paint waste, depending on the weave of the basket. Make sure to spray evenly, moving from left to right, and up to down to get in all of the nooks and crannies of the basket. Depending on the coverage desired, the basket may take 1 -5 coats.

Step 5

Remove garbage bag and tape immediately after spraying. Use 2-inch brush and dab paint to get in any places that might have been missed. 

Step 6

Let dry according to paint instructions before use, and enjoy your updated décor!

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DIY spray painted boho basket with the super finish max paint sprayer from homeright

Painted boho basket with the super finish max paint sprayer for easy diy decor

Snake plant in boho dip dyed boho basket made with the super finish max paint sprayer from homeright

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