Spray Shelter Turned Photography Box
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Ruthie Tabone
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Small Spray Shelter
  • Camera
  • Desk Lamp
  • Fabric

Project Steps


As a blogger and amateur photographer I'm always looking for ways to help make taking photos easier. I'm constantly learning about the photography and editing process and I love finding new ways to do things. I've seen lots of tutorials online for light boxes and I thought one day that the HomeRight Small Spray Shelter would be a great photography light box. Learn how the Small Spray Shelter can help your photography skills!

Step 1

Set up the spray shelter in an area of your home where you can set up shop to take some photos. Find a place that has some natural lighting.  It's always great to have some natural lighting from windows to help produce beautiful photos. Natural lighting is always the best way to go when taking photos.

Step 2

You can keep the bottom of your spray shelter white for your photos but I always like to add a blanket or fabric to add some color to my photos.

Step 3

Place your item inside of the spray shelter in preparation for the photo shoot.  I have tried multiple ways of helping bring light into the shelter and my favorite way is to bounce the light off of the white walls of the shelter with my external flash.  I find it to give the best lighting when working with a light box.  If you need a little bit extra lighting you can add a desk lamp to the back or sides of your spray shelter.

Step 4

The hard part with the desk lamp, in my opinion, is it can make the items have a little bit of a yellow tint.  It really helps brighten up the space so if you are lacking light then you can always touch up the color tint when editing.

Step 5

Here is picture that I took without any editing and WITHOUT the spray shelter.  The colors aren't rich and there is no brightness to the photo.

Step 6

Here is a picture that I took without any editing WITH the spray shelter.  You can already see the brightness added to the photo which makes it more visually pleasing.

Step 7

Here is that same picture from above with just a hint of photo editing added it.  Not a ton needed to be done and defintely less work to edit than the photo not taken in the tent.  The best part of it all is that it's quick and easy set up and clean up!  Fold the tent back up and put it back in storage until the next time you need to take some photos!

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