Spraying Chalk-Style Paint
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Kim Tritz
Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Sprayer
  • Medium Spray Shelter (or large, if your piece is big!)
  • Chalk-Style Paint
  • nightstand or other furniture piece
  • furniture wax
  • painters tape
  • kitchen trash bags
  • wood filler
  • sanding sponge
  • tack cloth
  • paper towels, soap, water
  • sock or wax brush (read the wax label for preferred application method)

Project Steps


Did you know you can use chalk-style paint in a paint sprayer, without thinning the paint?  You can! I painted this nightstand with chalk-style paint, and my favorite sprayer with ease!

Using the sprayer with all types of paint and stain is something we’ve done a lot of (like in my mom’s shedkitchen with cabinet paint, on a fireplace with latex, polycrylic on a bench, stain on a fence, and thinned latex on a chair), but I haven’t sprayed anything with chalk-style paint. Until now.

Step 1

Strip the hardware off your nightstand, and lightly sand the entire piece. Wipe it down with a tackcloth. Go ahead and fill any holes with wood filler. This had weird handles on the sides of the piece, so those I filled. The holes for pulls I left, because I already had pulls that matched the holes. If your holes do not match the new hardware, fill these holes too.

Once it is dry, sand it down gently. After a good wipe down with more tackcloth, tape off areas you don't want to paint. I ended up putting the drawers inside of a kitchen trash bag, and using painters tape to secure up the the drawer face. Worked like a charm! Set up your Medium Spray Shelter, and put your furniture inside!

Step 2

You are now ready to switch your sprayer nozzle. My youngest kiddo helped me unscrew my standard blue nozzle with the included wrench tool. You will want to remove the outer piece as well as the small inner nozzle tip.

Step 3

I use the blue for 90% of my projects, but the chalk paint is much too thick, so we changed our blue to the green nozzle. Use the included tool to tighten the inner nozzle down, then attach the green outer nozzle.

Step 4

Fill your paint cup, with the tube pointing down toward the front of the cup, plug in your sprayer, and get going! 

Step 5

I like to spray everything with long, slow, even passes. I begin usually at the left (or the top), off the edge of the piece I’m spraying, and sweep to the right (or the bottom) and go off the edge on that side. Save your sanity, and do not spray it like hairspray or spray paint. We all have sprayed a can of spray paint all willy-nilly… admit it. Take your time with this part, it's well worth it!

You can see a video of exactly how I do this, right here: Spraying Chalk-Style Paint @ Farmhouse Made 

Step 6

Spraying this chalk-style paint was exactly like spraying any other paint or stain. The only difference, is the coats went on a bit thicker because the paint is thicker and nozzle is larger. The process is the same, and took 2 even coats to fully cover the nightstand, with a few touch-ups after. The finish I got with the sprayer and Chalked is amazing!

Step 7

Once you have let your paint dry and cure (check the can for that), you can wax it! If you're disressing your piece, do it before you wax. You can use a nail file or sanding sponge to lightly sand the edges or wherever you like.

Once you're done that (or not at all - that's ok too!) you can wax. I used a wax from the craft store, and my husbands sock. You can use a brush, or lint-free cloth, but I always have decent results with a sock because I find it easier to use.

Rub or brush the wax on in a circular motion. Once it's covered, let it dry according to the bottle/can directions, then buff. 

Step 8

You can go ahead and attach your hardware. I chose black cup pulls that had the same width between screws as the original, so I didn't have to fill holes, but you can choose whatever you love!

Attach your perfect hardware, and admire all your hard work!

If you love this project, feel free to pin it, and visit this full post, with lots of story time at Farmhouse Made!

Did you know you can use chalk-stye paint in a paint sprayer, without thinning the paint?  You totally can! I painted a nightstand with chalk-style paint, and my favorite paint sprayer with ease! #farmhousemade #farmhousefurniture

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