Spring Cleaning Checklist Using the HomeRight SteamMachine
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Abby DeHart
Monday, March 12, 2018

Project Instructions


There is no better time than spring time to get your house in order! Spring cleaning always gives me such a huge sense of relief because the weather is nice and I just want to get outside, open the windows up, and get done all the things I put off during the dark, dreary winter months!! My favorite tool to clean with during the spring is the HomeRight SteamMachine. Steam cleaning is the best way to naturally clean your home without harsh chemicals and cleaners! Let's walk through all the ways we can use it.

Step 1

Each week I challenge you to put your HomeRight SteamMachine to good use tackling these items:

  • Steam clean comforters that cannot be washed in standard washing machines
  • Steam clean your fabric headboards and your mattresses to kill dust mites and germs
  • Steam clean decorative pillows that cannot be washed
  • Steam clean baseboards
  • Empty cabinets, pull out and organize items, vacuum them out and steam clean the bottoms
  • Clean out your refrigerator
  • Steam clean your car cupholders and child seats
  • Steam clean pet beds and pillows
  • Steam clean curtains and window treatments
  • Steam clean rugs

Just think, if you were to knock off 2-3 of these items every Saturday and Sunday, you'd have a completely sanitized home in no time and you'd be way ahead of your spring cleaning schedule!! 

The HomeRight SteamMachine has so many good uses in your home, so put it to good work! Add some essential oils into your steam machine to make what you're steaming smell fresh and clean! I like to add Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, or even Lemon Oil--another good oil is Thieves that helps kill germs naturally in conjunction with the steam, which is the double wammy for dust and germs!!! (add essential oils at your own discretion. They are not mentioned in the SteamMachine manual)

Get your HomeRight SteamMachine here!

Want the full list? Download your HomeRight Spring Cleaning Checklist HERE!


Spring cleaning checklist homeright steam machine

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