Spring Cleaning Made Easy with a Steamer!
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Katy Lyle
Friday, March 15, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamMachine 53 or SteamMachine Elite

Project Steps

10 Ways to Use a SteamMachine in Your Home

Cleaning with my SteamMachine is by far my favorite way to clean. It's quick, easy, and chemical free, plus it can be used in so many ways. So here's how I make spring cleaning easy with a steamer!

10+ Ways to Use a Chemical Free Steam Cleaner

There really are endless possibilities with a steam machine. I personally try to use my SteamMachine Model 53 from HomeRight any way I can. You could also use the upgraded model, the SteamMachine Elite. These are just a couple of my favorite ways to use it.

Floors & Grout

The HomeRight SteamMachine works great on tile or stone floors. The Microfiber Mop Pad is great for the overall floor while the Jet Nozzle works wonders on the grout lines.

10+ Ways to Use an All Natural Chemical Free Steam Mop in Your Home


I use the SteamMachine on all my windows, but I find myself constantly using it for my sliding glass window. Both my dogs love to press their nose on it, allowing it to get dirty pretty quickly. With the squeegee, you can quickly swipe away all the smudges.

Spring Cleaning-10+ Applications for a Steam Cleaner

BBQ Grill

I have come to realize my BBQ needs more love than I give it. With the SteamMachine I used the brass brush on the grill to deep clean a season's worth of grilling off! The after is such a difference and it only took a couple minutes to get there.
10+ Amazing Ways to Use a Steam Machine in Your House

10+ Amazing Ways to Use a Steam Machine in Your House


It may be spring, but that doesn't mean flu season is gone. I'm constantly cleaning my kids toys especially after one of them gets sick. Steam cleaning it the best since it's quick and you don't have to worry about chemicals around them.
10+ Ways to Use a Steam Cleaner for Chemical Free Cleanign


Steam cleaning upholstery is amazing! I have a light beige couch and aqua chairs, so anytime they get dirty I use my SteamMachine to get the stains out. Just make sure to always use distilled water so you don't get rings after the water dries.
10+ Applications for a Green Cleaning Steam Cleaner
If your still looking for more ways to use the HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53 then you'll want to check out my post of 10+ Ways to Use your Steam Machine. Once you start using it you won't want to put it away, it really is that much fun to steam clean!
Don't forget to head on over to my blog, A Shade of Teal for more cleaning tips and DIY projects!
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10+ Ways to Use a HomeRight SteamMachine Steam Cleaner 

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