Spring Cleaning Tips! How to Steam Clean your Curtains
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Katy Lyle
Monday, March 19, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine 53
  • SteamMachine Accessory Bag
  • Distilled Water

Project Steps

Spring is here and that means time to start cleaning! I absolutely love my HomeRight SteamMachine and I use it for everything from cleaning floors, to removing hard water, to even cleaning couches. I'm here to share my latest cleaning tip on how to steam clean your curtains.

To get started you will need the SteamMachine Model 53 from HomeRight. Next, you'll need to get out the attachments. I have all my attachments conveniently stored in the SteamMachine Storage Organizer. You can roll the organizer up or hang it over a door for storage.

For steam cleaning curtains you'll need the Fabric Steamer attachment. I also used the extension wands or poles since my curtains are so tall. Next, fill up the SteamMachine with distilled water and let it warm up.

Once the SteamMachine is heated up you're ready to start cleaning! Simply steam the curtains up and down. Make sure you are using distilled water so you don't damage your curtains or the steamer. The steam doesn't just clean, it also removes wrinkles, making your curtains feel and look brand new.

The SteamMachine Model 53 from HomeRight it the perfect cleaning tool. Not only does it sanitize, eliminating germs and bacteria, but it also gently cleans delicate items like curtains and upholstery. You really can use it for everything, plus it makes spring cleaning fun!

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